Sunday, February 10, 2013

I Had A Hankering

Saturday, I was wanting something but couldn't put my finger on it. By afternoon I  had it figured out. Wings. yep, I wanted a big ol' pile of wings. I found a package in the freezer, defrosted them, cut 'em up and seasoned them. Then I put the bowl full in the refrigerator over night. This afternoon I whipped up a really nice spicy raspberry chipoltle honey bbq sauce for them. I then fired up the stove and got a pot of oil going. The next step was to dredge the wings in seasoned flour and deep fry 'em. When they were crispy I coated them in the sauce. I sure wish ya'll could taste this. Damn that's good!


Stephen said...

I sniffed the picture...smells great.

Anonymous said...

Those are mouthwatering, now the bologna sandwich I brought for lunch just ain't cutting it.

Anonymous said...
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