Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mooooore Booollits Puhlees

The dick heads at DHS are ordering another 21 million rounds for use against us. Oh wait, it's all for training purposed right? Wrong. We know what they need a billion or so rounds for. They need them for all us gun owners, second amendment supporter, preppers, anti-big government types who are buying guns and ammo like, like, well like there's gonna be a war or something. So, friends I say it again, arm up, train up, stock up and keep your powder dry and the beans and first aid handy. "Cause you know as well as I do that sooner or later and it's looking like sooner, folks like us are going to have some midnight visitors with no know warrants in hand. Then come the daylight disappearing acts.. Do a little research on someone elses computer, consult a map and be ready to act. Because that day is coming. You know it's coming when the government is dismissing Generals if they won;t give the order to have US troops fire on US citizens, when the government and their lackeys say it's alright to use drones against US citizens. So, get you and your stuff ready.

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