Saturday, February 16, 2013

At It Again

My Buddy and I spent a little more time with my Harley today. Just enough, that is, so I can actually fire it up tomorrow. Fill the tanks with gas, twist the wick a couple times and hit the button. Here's the days progress. We had a late start and did a lot of bullshitting too but got it buttoned up and mostly cleaned up too.

                                          Thunder Header exhaust and a Hyper Charger Pro Series air cleaner

                                          Almost there!

                                          All together, finally!

                                          The other side.

                                          I actually ride this bike. Not so much in the last few years but that will be    changing. I want to hit a hundred thousand this year. All I have to do now is install a few more chrome bits and pieces and call it done.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Bike. I am still about 30 days away from starting my spring wrenching.