Friday, October 22, 2010

Those poor, poor French.

Have any of you been paying attention to the bullshit going on in France? The government is going broke and one of their proposed austerity measures is to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. Upon the release of this info the country went, well the French went double dipped batshit. Riots, destruction and violence over a proposed 2 freakin years. We in the good old hardworking US have to wait 'til 65 or 70 to actually retire then most of us still have to augment the retirement income with a job at McD's or Wally World. Come to thnk of it, don't the French work, like, 6 hours a day? And get a buttload of vaction time on top of that? So over two years they're working what, 49 hours? What's going to happen now that the proposal became law? The French, great wine, great food but leaving a lot to desire in the grown up department. Hey, here's an idea, ask the good old hard working US to come in and straighten things out. Again.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Juniper and Stuff

As I've been working on Juniper House I have been saving all the busted copper lines we had to remove. Water lines, drain lines, heating lines, those kinda lines. Any way, I took all of it to the recycle center in KC this morning. After weighing the #1 and #2 copper and the brass, they cut me a check for over 500 bucks! What a bonus! This will all get converted to building materials for Juniper. This is great as I am off the government tit and still can't find a job. A job recruiter found my resume on and called me about a position they are trying to fill. We'll see how this shakes out.

Fall is rushing in but the trees aren't going to be much of a show this year. We have been running about 6 inches over on precipitation this year but when fall approached the rain stopped. So, the trees started losing leaves before they actually turned colors.

In regards to the Juniper House, I got the gas line ran to the kitchen and the back splash grouted. I also got the basement lay out finalized for all of our storage so we can maximize the space in this area. I'll be turning this space into the home convenience store so to speak. We still plan on moving in when we get the kitchen, master bedroom and master bath done and we are getting closer every day. The way things have been going though, we will also have the home office, the guest bedroom and the walk in closet finished.

What have you done to increase your preparedness? We took a shopping trip and bought 5 flats of canned vegetables and an assortment of of other foods and expendables to place in storage. Until I get a real steady paying job this will probably be our last prep purchase for a while.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mower Woes.

It seems I can't win for losin'. I was working on my two lawn tractors Saturday. By Sunday I had lost the keys. To both of 'em. $@#%$#^%$^%76!!! So I found, courtesy of my father-in-law, a key to fit the Wheel Horse. Now I'm workin' on finding a key to fit the after market ignition in the Cub Cadet. So all keyed up , so to say, I rode the Wheel Horse over to the other house to get caught up on mowing the back slope. Putt, putt, putt over with no problems other than a tire called it quits. Today I aired the tire up, adjusted the belt and started mowing. For about 60 feet. Then the mower drive belt twisted itself and I lost power to the deck. After 3 times of fixin' the dang belt, I said, well never mind what I said. It was then I realised the bad tire was flat again. Any way I'm now looking for a new mower drive belt. And back tires. See how life just keeps biting me right in the ass?