Friday, October 22, 2010

Those poor, poor French.

Have any of you been paying attention to the bullshit going on in France? The government is going broke and one of their proposed austerity measures is to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. Upon the release of this info the country went, well the French went double dipped batshit. Riots, destruction and violence over a proposed 2 freakin years. We in the good old hardworking US have to wait 'til 65 or 70 to actually retire then most of us still have to augment the retirement income with a job at McD's or Wally World. Come to thnk of it, don't the French work, like, 6 hours a day? And get a buttload of vaction time on top of that? So over two years they're working what, 49 hours? What's going to happen now that the proposal became law? The French, great wine, great food but leaving a lot to desire in the grown up department. Hey, here's an idea, ask the good old hard working US to come in and straighten things out. Again.

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