Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just A Little More

So far we have placed on the gun rack a Postal Meter 30 carbine, an Enfield number 5 mark one jungle carbine, a Marlin 22 magnum rifle, a as new Marlin 336 from 1972, a Daisy 22 rimfire rifle  and 3 knock off cap and ball pistols. One is a steel framed 1858 Remington s I just wrote about, a brass framed version and a copy of a Colt. More to come!

A Little Setback

I'm am {} that friggin close to getting the Model 94 project done. I found that the 1980's Winchester receivers are a strange alloy and won't take bluing very well. That explains the weird anodized looking coating I had a hard time getting off the receiver. In my quest to finish this I ordered some Duracoat in their Gun Blue color. On the screen it was a close match with the small parts I compared it to. The brown truck of joy showed up last Wednesday and I set to work Thursday. The color is no where close to matching. Son of a bitch! My shipment include a full color catalog of all of Duracoats products as well as photo renderings of all their colors. Now it looks like gloss black is the closest I'm going to get. At least the first coat of Gun Blue color will make a good base for the Gloss Black color. I sanded the first coat to make some tooth for the next and now have to order the new color. If Gloss Black come out good it'll have to suffice. I mean, hell, the original receiver color and finish didn't match the other parts anyway. Unless Duracoat comes up with Black Chrome color.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Milfy Monday

Wow! How time flies! It's Milfy Monday again. Let the show begin!





A Buck The 1858 Way

I have done a lot of deer hunting. I love to hunt deer. I have put many of these critters in the freezer and enjoyed many dinners from them. My wife, god bless her, is a venison tenderloin crack addict. No really, while I'm trying to carry a cooler through the house, she is trying to open the damn cooler and dig out a package of those tender delights.
 I have quite few deer hunting stories. Some I'll tell and some I won't. Here is one of the good ones.

I have access to 120 acres south of Nevada Missourah. It is an old peanut farm, now half oak timber and the other half is mixed sumac thicket and cedar thicket and grassy clearings. I always had better luck in the timber and grassy/timber edges.
On this particular hunt I had invited my brother-in-law and a common friend of ours. We had made it to our stands in the early morning darkness and had not seen anything to shoot by noon. We had agreed to meet at the truck around that time so off we went to Nevada to get some lunch. Now this was a very warm season that year. When we came back from lunch we all had on t-shirts and orange vest over them. After talking it over we decide to still hunt to our stands then meet up at dark. The friend headed up to the north side of the property, while my BIL and I went to the south side and had about 40-50 yards between us to start with. We had slipped through the sumac and grassy areas and made it down to the timber without seeing anything. I started into the oaks and had made about 30 yards when one of my side ways scans yielded a buck napping in a patch of sunlight about 45 yards away. I had my rifle, a Winchester 30/06 slung over my shoulder and a replica of an 1858 Remington .44 caliber cap and ball revolver carried in a cross draw holster. Suddenly all of us hear a loud CRACK from up north. Me, my BIL and the buck all swiveled our heads to focus on that direction. Quietly drawing the 1858 I sent a round ball crashing though the brain pan of the buck. My BIL jumped and asked, what the hell I was doing? Standing in a cloud of smoke I said, "I just shot that buck over there." He turned out to be a nice 6 pointer and was the best taken that weekend.

I still have access to that property, but since my friend the owner died, his widow lets a lot of people hunt that property and it is getting very crowded. And that CRACK that made the buck lift his head for me? It was our friend stepping on a dead limb on the ground that gave way, much to his surprise.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Collection

My boss had his day cut out for him! Inventorying, researching and entering in the A&D book over 50 firearms from an estate we took in. I have been drooling all day over this collection. Mausers, Springfield's, Krags, lever actions of all sorts, a 30 carbine, a REAL SMLE Jungle Carbine, .22's of many flavors, Winchesters, Savages, Harrington and Richardsons, a German G43 semi auto rifle, an Austrian Johann Springer single shot rifle, a couple of cap and ball revolvers, some break top revolvers, even a deactivated Hotchkiss machine gun! The list goes on and on. I could not keep from diverting my attention to this wonderful treasure trove. If I can come up with the bucks, I've got my eye on a couple. Imagine that! Some of the better and more rare of this collection will go to an auction to be disposed of. What a day! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I found And What's Coming

I went to the grocery store Sunday after noon to get a couple things Cherry Pie neglected to buy. I passed the liquor department on my way to the sausage freezer and saw a familiar red tag hanging below the Wild Turkey. Right turn...NOW! Yep Wild Turkey 101 on sale for $19.99! Looking frantically calmly through my wallet I found a hidden twenty dollar bill. Yahoo! A bottle went into the cart and I got the rest of my shopping done uninterrupted. Back home, I was putting the stuff away and reached to put the liquor in the "liquor cabinet" and found, shock, shock, a partial bottle of the same liquor. Holy Crap I coulda had a drink or two and didn't know it! Now I just gotta figure out when to have a drink or two. A cleaning gig every night M-F and an all freaking day job at the pawn shop Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. So that leaves Saturday night and Sunday. Sunday is usually reserved for household chores, lawn care and vehicle care and firearms projects. Saturday night it is. And Maybe Sunday evening. Relax have a drink or two, watch a show, visit with Cherry.

Sitting here looking out the window and I see a red squirrel sitting on the fence, leaves falling from the trees and a leaden sky hinting at a future of cold dreary days, days that give a boost to my soul and spirit. Winter is my time of the year. Cold, windy, snowy, icy, dark, dim, bright, crisp fall and winter is my time. Sipping hot chocolate, while listening to the wind howl and hearing the tappa tappa tap of ice pelting the windows. The squeak that snow makes when you walk on it during a really cold spell. And the best of all, the silence that reigns during a heavy snow storm. No cars, no kids, no nothing except the whisper of falling snow brushing through the trees.  Later on the scraping, banging of the snowplows racking up over time, filling in every ones driveways. Cursing them, the snow the, season and then looking at a mountain of shoveled snow and feeling tired, worn out, aching yet satisfied. Inside for a warm shower and one of my special hot chocolates. My season is fast approaching.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Another One

I just wanta say Welcome to a Simple Man. Glad ta have ya here fellow patriot. Stick around ya never know what's gonna happen. Check his site out it's pretty new but he has the mind of a fellow free American who believes in his rights.

New Project

I've gotta new project under way but I can't talk about it or post pictures as it will give away the surprise for the intended recipient. Oh, well. I should be receiving a something from the Big Brown Truck Of Joy soon. And, I do get to buy a new tool to finish this project. I will post pictures in the end though.

Milfy Monday

Hey, it's Milfy Monday again so soon.





Sunday, October 21, 2012

What You Might Find On Me

 Wirecutter started this one. What you might find on me at any given moment. I carry all these at some point during an average week. Usually more than 1, well, usually more than 3.

Across the top, a generic but well made LED flashlight, then a Taurus PT-22 full of Stinger hollow points, next is a Rock Island Armory Officers model 1911 with 230 grain Gold Dots and then a Charter Arms Bulldog 44 with 146 grain Critical Defense loads. Down the left is a Gerber Folding Combat, a Gerber artifact tool and then a Gerber Mini Suspension tool. Center is an SOG Trident. Below that is an SOG Micron II and then an SOG Pentagon Elite II. On the right is a Cold Steel Spike neck knife and then my favorite a huge Cold Steel X2 Voyager. Yea, I'm usually packing heavy. Normal daily load out is a mini tool, the Micron II and one of the large knives for the edged selection The days attire tells me whether I'm packin' the .45 or the .44. And the PT22 well it is always in my pocket. Oh crap, I forgot the Davis Derringer 22 mag in my "man bag".

Let me tell ya about my man bag. It's a Craftsman nylon tool bag. In it and it's various pockets I have two different sets of gunsmith screwdriver kits, a bandanna, another flashlight, a bottle of vicadin, the 22 mag derringer with 6 extra hollow point rounds, 15 feet of 5/16 inch nylon rope, a Sharpie, a Rite In The Rain notebook and a pen. At times I stuff a book or magazine in there too. I carry the man bag every day. Then, I have a small get out alive kit in a British gas mask bag that stays in the truck always. More rope, fire making stuff, a stainless cup, some tea bags, a poncho, some tywraps, a GPS, a compass and another light, another knife and other odds and ends. I'll do a small article about it another day.
So, what's in your pockets?

Friday, October 19, 2012

And Nary A Drop To Drink

Today for a very late lunch (3:00PM) my boss sent me to the local grocery for a couple panini sandwiches. I gotta say this place has some good sammies! So, while waiting on the sandwiches to be pressed and grilled I was looking at a large display of those tiny little airline bottles of liquor. I found myself thinking, I'll take one of those and one of those and one of those and.......... Man I really could use a drink. I don't drink regularly but I do like my liquor now and then. No beer for me though. Gimme a shot of bourbon or tequila and I'm happy. I like premium whiskey's such as 101 proof Wild Turkey, Makers Mark and several others. As for tequila, man there are so many to choose from. Really bad skull poppers (which you don't want to choose) to really smooth and unique tasting, shooting or drinking styles. The Red Rocker Sammy Hagar has his own brand called Cabo Wabo and it has a very different taste than that of any of the other agave based tequilas. And I like shooting my tequila with all trimmin's.  A lick of salt, a shot of juice and a bite of lime. Mmmmm, that's what I like. And wouldn't ya know it, we are OUT. I do get paid, twice as a matter of fact, at the end of the month though.
So, lost in my revery, I perused a couple of tattoo magazines and finally, gastronomical heaven was delivered. Toasted panini bread, ham, turkey, cheese, peppers and I don't know what all, but it is GOOD.
   This morning I noticed my bad knee was feeling kinda loose and achy. By 10:30 I had to resort to my cane. It never improved and finally I had to call Cherry Pie and ask her to help me with my evening job. Gentleman, I wish y'all had a wife as good as mine. Even with that thought in my mind, I kept reverting to a certain high school football game so long ago when this injury was intentionally inflicted up on me. Thank you Sean and Clyde for settling that score.

Well Hello There

I see I have a new member! Hey Tom, Welcome!  Enjoy the ride my friend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oh My, Where Is The WiFi?

Last night I arrived at the library I clean and one of the departing librarians told me I had an easy night ahead of me. Hmmm. In doing my my pre-cleaning walk around I do see that the place is pretty clean. Let's see, it's not Friday football night, there is no local celebration going on. What could it be? Oh, wait there's a sign. A sign saying what? The Wifi is down. WTF? The freaking WiFi is broke? Oh, my God! How can a person be expected to go to the library if the WiFi doesn't work?
   This place has 16 public terminals. Sixteen terminals amid hundreds of thousands of books, cd.s and movies all in a ten thousand square feet facility. And no comes 'cause the damn WiFi, it no workee. Spoiled electronic dependent masses. Hey, here's an idea, try reading a book at the library. What a novel idea!

I do have one certain disappointment in this library.

They have alotta this...

And none of this...

And certainly none of this....

Or this either...

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Ring Tailed Twister

Or , how I twisted the wick on a pitbull. A Big Dog Pitbull that is. So, the pawn shop I work in bought a Big Dog Pit Bull motorcycle. As I'm the only rider in the shop I got to do the honors and give it a test ride. Let me tell ya about this beast. The heart of it is an S&S 107 cubic inch Super Sidewinder motor. It's mated to a 5 speed tranny via a 3 inch open primary drive belt. The frame is a hard tail and has a moderate amount of rake to the front end bringing it to 40 or 42 degrees. It has a very skinny front tire and a very fat rear tire.Which makes handling somewhat poor. It's similar to this only with an orange real fire paint job. Thankfully the high rise apehanger handlebars give plenty of leverage for making turns. I don't know what the horsepower or torque ratings are but they must be in 100 to 110 hp range and 110 to 120 ft lbs. After firing this beast up I did a lap in the parking lot then headed out on the freeway. I rode a couple or three mile to the next exit, just getting a feel for the bike. I took the exit, crossed under the highway and headed up the on ramp to go back to the store. I twisted the wick a little too much in 3rd and the back tire lost traction and made a little smoke. I eased off and entered the traffic flow. Working my way over three lanes, I cracked it open a little and work up to 4th gear and hit 110 then shifted to 5th. This thing shot up to 120 in a heartbeat and the the exit was fast approaching. I made quick work of getting over to the exit lane and slowing down. Hopefully I didn't scare or piss off too many folks. I made the exit, turned under the freeway again and pulled into the parking lot. I stopped in front of the store, pulled hard on the front brake and twisted the wick hard while feathering the clutch. A cloud of smoke poured off the back tire and I eased the clutch out a little as the front brake started giving way to the horsepower and end up doing a rolling burn out. The store and bike owner ran out to see the action with a huge grin on his face. I later thanked him for making my day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And Now it's Done...

I just took the pot pie out of the oven. MMMMM!!

In The Beginning....

With cool weather Cherry Pie has requested a beef potpie. So I got out the official potpie leftovers container from the freezer and gave it my magic touch. Here are the beginnings of that delectible culinary dinner treat. It's too bad we don't have a smell button on here. 'Cause it smells real good!

Just a Little Let Down

So last night I'm cleaning the library cussing up a storm over all the damn glitter everywhere. Pissed over the nasty messes in the bathrooms and then I thought, I can get this done, go home pop a vic and watch the Sons Of Anarchy. I finally got done with the pigsty library, hobbled to my truck and with the radio kicking some cool tunes I hot footed it home. Gimped my way into the house and up those damned stairs, took my meds and plopped down in the recliner. With eager anticipation I turned the TV on and searched the recorded shows. WHAT! Where are the Son's? Oh crap did it not record?Dammit! Wait just a tic. What day is it? Crap. It's Monday. The Son's Of Anarchy are on Tuesday. Son's Of Anarchy? Son of a bitch is more like it. So I watched a little of Faster, Louder and drifted off in my recliner.
  Speaking of the Son's Of Anarchy, I was doing some of my morning chores at the pawnshop last Saturday when a short, heavy guy, reeking of garlic, came in looking for the owner. Turns out he's a friend of the owner. Anyway, we got to talking and he asks me who my favorite character is from the the Son's. I tell him it WAS Oppie until he got beat to death. he told me I figured that. Stating, "when I came in here and saw you I thought I was walking onto a set for the show". He went on telling me that I should get hold of the producer and apply to be Oppies long lost brother. The owner seconded this opinion. Hmmmm..

Monday, October 8, 2012

And Now, Some Monday Milfs




Another Sweet Deal

In this job with the pawn shop I sees many things come and go. I see a lot of things that I am covetous of but don't have the money to buy(ask me about the Remington 660 in 6.5 Rem magnum). But I also see many smaller things that I can squeeze into my meager budget.
Here's the scenario. I had some free time and was checking my Facebook page and saw a post about Nikon's new P-223 series. I commented to the boss that I really wanted one of these in the carbine version. He walked over to what we call the buy shelf picked something up and said "like this?". I turned and what did he have in his had? A Nikon P-223 carbine version. New out of the box, never installed! I asked what the price was going to be. He told me and then told me my price on it. I could not pass it up. The next morning that sweet little 3 power went into my bag. At about 1/2 price it had to. These things retail for 140 to 160 bucks. A set of rings and it will be mounted on my Bushmaster carbine. These are really nice scopes. The carbine version has a bullet drop compensator that is graduated out to 600 yards and is set up for a 55 grain polymer tipped bullet. I suppose with experimentation one could change the setting for say a 62 grain bullet with no problem. The turrets are finger adjustable and they use 1/2 inch per 100 yard clicks. The scope is set up to use a 200 yard zero. Once that is achieved, you just have to dial up the elevation and/or windage to the selected range or drift. I guess a 800 yard range finder is next. Hmmmm, I think we have a couple of those on the shelf too......

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Some More Sharp Bargains

While at the pawnshop putting out some items that had defaulted items i found we had several knives to price and display. Two of them struck my fancy. The first one that caught my eye was a Buck modle 120. It's a large fixed blade knife with Buck's tradition black phenolic handle with aluminum gaurd and pommel. It sports a 7.5 inch bowie style blade tht seem a triffle narrow for it's length but is overall a nice looking cuchillo. This knife dated from 1988. It seems this model was a favorite with servicemen heading to Vietnam. If you find one with a 3 line stanp on the tang and no other marking, it could be from that era.

The second knife is the ever popular Buck 110. It is a folding hunter with a definite clip or bowie design to the blade. It's in outstanding shape with a never sharpend blade and no pocket or sheath wear at all. As in NEW. It dates from 2012.

I approached the owner, who I was working with that day, and asked him what kind of agreement we could come to on these knives. He asked what we had in them I looked and said 5 in one and 8.50 in the other. He says, gimme 15 and they're yours!

I brought them home and looked at the 120 closer and found it had some minor dings and scratches in the aluminum parts. I took them out and polished the aluminum and the polished the sharp blade too.

The 110 needed nothing more than a quick polish and it was good to go.

Neither of these knives have a sheath so the search is on. For the 120 I want the old style full coverage sheath. I had a 119 Special with one of these and really liked it. Unfortunately it grew legs and left in the great gun and knife disapearance several years ago.
For the 110 I wanna  look around and get a basket weave carved custom to carry it in.
   I did some looking today and found that I have a pair of knives that are worth about 160-170 dollars total. The 120 was 'discontinued" in 2001. Buck has made some runs of this knife for Cabelas though since then. Here's the two of them now.

Something Is Starting To Smell

In the continuing quest to get to the bottom of the recent local ban on open carry of firearms, I sent this email to the City Council.

I am requesting the city council provide me with the Missouri Statute the they used to effect the recent ban on open carry in this city. Please provide the section, subsection and item of any and all statutes that are being applied. I know that RSMo 21.750.3 say that cities can institute a ban only if they exactly meet requirements of other statutes.
"3. Nothing contained in this section shall prohibit any ordinance of any political subdivision which conforms exactly with any of the provisions of sections 571.010 to 571.070, with appropriate penalty provisions, or which regulates the open carrying of firearms readily capable of lethal use or the discharge of firearms within a jurisdiction, provided such ordinance complies with the provisions of section 252.243. "
You help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
Dean Carder

This is what I got in return.

Mr. Carder,
The Ordinance was passed pursuant to Section 21.750 RSMo.  Copies of Missouri statutes may be found at http://www.moga.mo.gov/STATUTES/STATUTES.HTM
Shannon Stroud
City Clerk
City of Excelsior Springs

This is my response to this non answer.

I realize, as stated, in my email that 21.750 was used. I asked for the exact section, subsection and item. 21.750.3 states that to enact a prohibition the city government must conform exactly to to any of the items in 571.010 to 571.070 and 252.243. So again, what section, subsection and item was used to violate our state right. Please, do not think I will settle for an generic answer to this vital question.

As always,

Dean Carder

I think something about this ban is really starting to smell bad. I anxiously await the next email from the council.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Benefits Of Nice Weather

We've been having a spell of very nice weather here. Night time lows in the 50's and 60's and day time highs in the 60's and 70's. That said, I was out this morning doing my around town errands and the attractive women were coming out of the wood work! I went to the big grocery store called Price Chopper and there were at least 5 or 6 that could truly be classified as MILF's. Then I went to the low buck grocery (ALDI) and got in the check out lane behind a blond amazon goddess. Tall, like 6 feet or so, leggy with all the parts that stick out well proportioned. I left there to go to a friends store (Healthy Life Choices) to get my Kangen water. I walked in and was shocked. The normal clientele at this shop is usually older and frequently heavy. Today there was a petite woman with the face of an angel and and a backside that was exquisite. I was taken aback to say the least. I finally leave there and on the drive home I see no less that 6 good looking women walking around town. Are all these women new to town, out of work, taking the day off? Who knows but this is very unusual for this town. Very unusual but very good. No pics as that is kinda frowned on here in Smalltown Midwest. What a good day!