Sunday, October 21, 2012

What You Might Find On Me

 Wirecutter started this one. What you might find on me at any given moment. I carry all these at some point during an average week. Usually more than 1, well, usually more than 3.

Across the top, a generic but well made LED flashlight, then a Taurus PT-22 full of Stinger hollow points, next is a Rock Island Armory Officers model 1911 with 230 grain Gold Dots and then a Charter Arms Bulldog 44 with 146 grain Critical Defense loads. Down the left is a Gerber Folding Combat, a Gerber artifact tool and then a Gerber Mini Suspension tool. Center is an SOG Trident. Below that is an SOG Micron II and then an SOG Pentagon Elite II. On the right is a Cold Steel Spike neck knife and then my favorite a huge Cold Steel X2 Voyager. Yea, I'm usually packing heavy. Normal daily load out is a mini tool, the Micron II and one of the large knives for the edged selection The days attire tells me whether I'm packin' the .45 or the .44. And the PT22 well it is always in my pocket. Oh crap, I forgot the Davis Derringer 22 mag in my "man bag".

Let me tell ya about my man bag. It's a Craftsman nylon tool bag. In it and it's various pockets I have two different sets of gunsmith screwdriver kits, a bandanna, another flashlight, a bottle of vicadin, the 22 mag derringer with 6 extra hollow point rounds, 15 feet of 5/16 inch nylon rope, a Sharpie, a Rite In The Rain notebook and a pen. At times I stuff a book or magazine in there too. I carry the man bag every day. Then, I have a small get out alive kit in a British gas mask bag that stays in the truck always. More rope, fire making stuff, a stainless cup, some tea bags, a poncho, some tywraps, a GPS, a compass and another light, another knife and other odds and ends. I'll do a small article about it another day.
So, what's in your pockets?


wirecutter said...

Nice set-up. I've got a Colt Officer's Model that I carry, along with a li'l Charter Arms Off Duty 38 Special.
And I have the same Cold Steel neck knife too.

A SImple Man said...

I was hoping that was what you put out for Trick or Treating, rats.

Anonymous said...

Well - I'll neither confirm nor deny that I recognized almost all of the items on your display - and have (or do) carry them or similar items most all the time..........the less people that know specifically what I have on my person or close to hand, the more advantage I have over them ;-P

(and that's one of the reasons I post as 'anonymous'.......

Dean Carder said...

To all, I love my coldsteel neck knife and the voyager.And you can thank my wife for the decorations. She loves holidays! Finally,Thanks for the comments gentleme... er uh guys!