Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I found And What's Coming

I went to the grocery store Sunday after noon to get a couple things Cherry Pie neglected to buy. I passed the liquor department on my way to the sausage freezer and saw a familiar red tag hanging below the Wild Turkey. Right turn...NOW! Yep Wild Turkey 101 on sale for $19.99! Looking frantically calmly through my wallet I found a hidden twenty dollar bill. Yahoo! A bottle went into the cart and I got the rest of my shopping done uninterrupted. Back home, I was putting the stuff away and reached to put the liquor in the "liquor cabinet" and found, shock, shock, a partial bottle of the same liquor. Holy Crap I coulda had a drink or two and didn't know it! Now I just gotta figure out when to have a drink or two. A cleaning gig every night M-F and an all freaking day job at the pawn shop Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. So that leaves Saturday night and Sunday. Sunday is usually reserved for household chores, lawn care and vehicle care and firearms projects. Saturday night it is. And Maybe Sunday evening. Relax have a drink or two, watch a show, visit with Cherry.

Sitting here looking out the window and I see a red squirrel sitting on the fence, leaves falling from the trees and a leaden sky hinting at a future of cold dreary days, days that give a boost to my soul and spirit. Winter is my time of the year. Cold, windy, snowy, icy, dark, dim, bright, crisp fall and winter is my time. Sipping hot chocolate, while listening to the wind howl and hearing the tappa tappa tap of ice pelting the windows. The squeak that snow makes when you walk on it during a really cold spell. And the best of all, the silence that reigns during a heavy snow storm. No cars, no kids, no nothing except the whisper of falling snow brushing through the trees.  Later on the scraping, banging of the snowplows racking up over time, filling in every ones driveways. Cursing them, the snow the, season and then looking at a mountain of shoveled snow and feeling tired, worn out, aching yet satisfied. Inside for a warm shower and one of my special hot chocolates. My season is fast approaching.

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