Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Little Setback

I'm am {} that friggin close to getting the Model 94 project done. I found that the 1980's Winchester receivers are a strange alloy and won't take bluing very well. That explains the weird anodized looking coating I had a hard time getting off the receiver. In my quest to finish this I ordered some Duracoat in their Gun Blue color. On the screen it was a close match with the small parts I compared it to. The brown truck of joy showed up last Wednesday and I set to work Thursday. The color is no where close to matching. Son of a bitch! My shipment include a full color catalog of all of Duracoats products as well as photo renderings of all their colors. Now it looks like gloss black is the closest I'm going to get. At least the first coat of Gun Blue color will make a good base for the Gloss Black color. I sanded the first coat to make some tooth for the next and now have to order the new color. If Gloss Black come out good it'll have to suffice. I mean, hell, the original receiver color and finish didn't match the other parts anyway. Unless Duracoat comes up with Black Chrome color.

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