Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just a Little Let Down

So last night I'm cleaning the library cussing up a storm over all the damn glitter everywhere. Pissed over the nasty messes in the bathrooms and then I thought, I can get this done, go home pop a vic and watch the Sons Of Anarchy. I finally got done with the pigsty library, hobbled to my truck and with the radio kicking some cool tunes I hot footed it home. Gimped my way into the house and up those damned stairs, took my meds and plopped down in the recliner. With eager anticipation I turned the TV on and searched the recorded shows. WHAT! Where are the Son's? Oh crap did it not record?Dammit! Wait just a tic. What day is it? Crap. It's Monday. The Son's Of Anarchy are on Tuesday. Son's Of Anarchy? Son of a bitch is more like it. So I watched a little of Faster, Louder and drifted off in my recliner.
  Speaking of the Son's Of Anarchy, I was doing some of my morning chores at the pawnshop last Saturday when a short, heavy guy, reeking of garlic, came in looking for the owner. Turns out he's a friend of the owner. Anyway, we got to talking and he asks me who my favorite character is from the the Son's. I tell him it WAS Oppie until he got beat to death. he told me I figured that. Stating, "when I came in here and saw you I thought I was walking onto a set for the show". He went on telling me that I should get hold of the producer and apply to be Oppies long lost brother. The owner seconded this opinion. Hmmmm..


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I read Wirecutter and Irish alot. You are now on my list.FK

Dean Carder said...

Thank you FK. I appreciate all new readers and welcome all comments. Stay safe my friend.