Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Sweet Deal

In this job with the pawn shop I sees many things come and go. I see a lot of things that I am covetous of but don't have the money to buy(ask me about the Remington 660 in 6.5 Rem magnum). But I also see many smaller things that I can squeeze into my meager budget.
Here's the scenario. I had some free time and was checking my Facebook page and saw a post about Nikon's new P-223 series. I commented to the boss that I really wanted one of these in the carbine version. He walked over to what we call the buy shelf picked something up and said "like this?". I turned and what did he have in his had? A Nikon P-223 carbine version. New out of the box, never installed! I asked what the price was going to be. He told me and then told me my price on it. I could not pass it up. The next morning that sweet little 3 power went into my bag. At about 1/2 price it had to. These things retail for 140 to 160 bucks. A set of rings and it will be mounted on my Bushmaster carbine. These are really nice scopes. The carbine version has a bullet drop compensator that is graduated out to 600 yards and is set up for a 55 grain polymer tipped bullet. I suppose with experimentation one could change the setting for say a 62 grain bullet with no problem. The turrets are finger adjustable and they use 1/2 inch per 100 yard clicks. The scope is set up to use a 200 yard zero. Once that is achieved, you just have to dial up the elevation and/or windage to the selected range or drift. I guess a 800 yard range finder is next. Hmmmm, I think we have a couple of those on the shelf too......

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