Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Collection

My boss had his day cut out for him! Inventorying, researching and entering in the A&D book over 50 firearms from an estate we took in. I have been drooling all day over this collection. Mausers, Springfield's, Krags, lever actions of all sorts, a 30 carbine, a REAL SMLE Jungle Carbine, .22's of many flavors, Winchesters, Savages, Harrington and Richardsons, a German G43 semi auto rifle, an Austrian Johann Springer single shot rifle, a couple of cap and ball revolvers, some break top revolvers, even a deactivated Hotchkiss machine gun! The list goes on and on. I could not keep from diverting my attention to this wonderful treasure trove. If I can come up with the bucks, I've got my eye on a couple. Imagine that! Some of the better and more rare of this collection will go to an auction to be disposed of. What a day! 

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