Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Economic Decisions, too late?

We all know about the tough economic time everyone is having. Our country, the states, individuals, banks and corporations all have been facing the gun. Arizona is taking some fairly radical steps to alleviate some of their dollar woes. My question is...why did they wait 'til they were broke to do it? Every dollar earning entity should practise fiscal responsibility before they're broke. It should be a way of life which will keep you from the steps of the poorhouse. Georgia is taking the bull by the horns and will have a law by 2010 that will require the state to accept only gold, silver and 90 percent silver coin as payment. They will also direct banks to create gold, silver and silver coin accounts. Georgia seems to have lost the liking for our debt backed paper currency and wants to return to constitutional money.

A whole lotta dealin' going on

On this day in history.......I was born! Cherry Pie is taking me to my favorite Mexican joint tonight where I'll have the Mexican chili over rice. MMMM goood.

Well it seems the fix is in for the senate version of the healthcare bill. A few Senators have been bought off with massive funding going to their states in the name of health care. I'm only talking a 100 million here and a 100 million there. Oh, abortion is back in the bill now. All of a sudden, there are democrats calling foul and other senators going "where's the funding for our states?". One senator is urging an investigation and another is talking a law suit over the deals. So much for hope and change. Some much for clarity and light. We're still hoping for change and it's still dim and dark. And I must say... all LIES! The House and the Senate are filled with lying bags of feces. They wouldn't know a truth if it smacked them in the face every morning.
I really liked the quote the douche bag Nelson from Nebraska made about his sweet deal. It distilled down to this ...I wouldn't have voted for this bill if they hadn't offered me that deal. How sweet is that.? Admitting on camera that he was holding out for the pay off. One good thing has come from all this. Democrat Senator Parker of Alabama is now a Republican. Yep, he changed party over the bs in the healthcare bill and the bs the democratic party has become.

The weather guessers are hard at it here in the KC area. One Guesser finally said we won't know about Thursdays weather until it gets here. Way to go! Hell I can do that. When Thursday gets here I'll look out the door and know what the weather is doing. I can probably look out Wednesday evening and look at the moon and know whats going to happen in the next 12-24 hours. I don't need no stinking computer model.

I have been hearing on the TV that the economy is coming up. They say this because home re sales have come up 7 percent. They fail to mention that new home sales are down by 13 percent. I would imagine the home re sales are sales of foreclosures or emergency sales to get out of a house payment. Hell the unemployment situation here is Missouri is so bad that it takes 3-4 weeks to get an decision on your unemployment claim. I ran out of unemployment on November 22. I received a letter on the 23rd saying I was eligible for the federal extension. I called to verify that I had to do nothing further to receive the federal claim. The conversation led me to some other questions so I called back a day or two later and spoke with another person who told me that I didn't need the federal extension as I had a whole new claim to receive. I still have not been cleared for an unemployment claim 30 days later. I was told just yesterday it would be another 3-4 weeks. Turns out the hold up is from the temp agency that placed me for the power plant project I ran last year. When the job was over the temp agency had no further work for me in the area I have experience in. A few weeks later they called me asking me to work in ST. Joseph Missouri (over 50 miles away) for a couple hours a day 5 days a week. I declined as it would only pay my gas and no more. So now we come to this new claim. The temp agency is saying I quit so I have no claim! What bullshit is this? They never placed me for any other job from which I could take home a salary. The only thing they offered was a gas money job. That's it, gas money only. No money for my time, no money for the house payment, no money for groceries. It would only pay for my daily travel expenses i.e. gas, oil, etc. So they say I quit. Come to think of it gas was approaching 4 dollars a gallon at the time. I was driving 50 miles to the power plant and was going through 75 dollars in gas every three days. So that pretty much destroys the 100 dollar a week job they offered. Now if they offered a 10 dollar an hour job within 15 or twenty miles we could get by with that but not with a 100+ mile round trip.
What kinda bullshit is this any way?

Monday, December 21, 2009

The gauge rules!

Wow, have we been busy lately. Dinners at relatives, shopping, small jobs, it goes on an on. I might be accepting a small job as property manager/maintenance manager for an old apartment building. As they say...anything to get the coon.

I have been working on a shot gun for a friend and recently did another shotgun. In my talks with the owners and others, it seems that everyone has pretty much the same opinion that I do in regards to the shotgun. There ain't 'nuthin' like a gauge. When it comes to portable firepower, decisive putdown and pure intimidation you can't beat a shotgun. For home defense a 2 3/4 inch load of #4 buckshot will certainly put the hurt in any intruders day. Come to think of it it, a load of your favorite bird shot at room ranges will do the trick. No, it's not like on tv where you point in the general direction of the target and the target is destroyed. You have to actually aim the thing. That's right, aim it. And like any other gun you need to practice with it on a regular basis. A 12 gauge is perfect for home defense but if you are recoil sensitive a 20 gauge will do just fine. And the best part of a shotgun is the fact that right now, the ammo is widely available, unlike some of those other cartridges.

Here's what I like to depend on... the Mossberg 590.

For those of you with a more traditional mindset there's nothing like double barreled goodness.

And if it wasn't for that whole strictly regulated, enforced by prosecution and jail thing, these are simply badass. But don't go there with out the required paperwork and fees.

These versatile, inexpensive tools have filled several roles through out the ages, from food getter to man getter to target getter they have done it all.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Water every where and not a drop to drink

After a summers rain, do you let your kids play in the mud puddles that are left? Do they go wading in the overflowing ditches and streams? If you do then you could be promoting trespass on government property. That's right, the US Government is changing the wording on the law that gives the ownership of all navigable waters in the US. That change would be the removal of the word navigable. And adding a few like all, waters, including, seasonal ponds, puddles, pools and on and on. So, in effect, if you're thinking of drilling a well you may be stealing a Government commodity. Drive your truck through a puddle in the pasture? You could be polluting Government waters. Where are these illegal government actions going to to take us? They think they own every drop of water that falls or rises or appears? What kind of gods do they believe themselves to be? Will they next claim ownership of the water that is in your body? I mean we do have a lot of water in us. Just think, they just declared the gas that comes out of our mouths to be a poison! A poison that plants depend on for life. What kind of idiots are running this country? We have to stop them before it's too late.

A friend called me and wanted to know if I wanted to do a little job for him. His son just got back from a deer hunt in Texas and had a deer that need to be butchered. I said yeah, I'd do for 50 bucks and supplies. I got the deer cut up and all the steaks and such packaged and had a tub of meat ready for grinding. I went to make sure I got the cooler closed and found ........ another deer. I called and asked if he knew about a second deer. He didn't. Son was so exited talking about the buck he got he forgot to say anything about the second deer. So, another 50 bucks coming my way. It seems there are no shops in this area that will butcher a deer any more. The last time I heard of anyone taking a deer to a butcher it cost them nearly a hundred dollars!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deep Freeze. .gov lies. Lawn tractor wealth. 200 Huundred Meeelion

We are back in the deep freeze. Last week we had single digit nights and days in the high teens. Then, we had a warming trend of 1.5 days. All the way up to the high 40's. Monday morning we woke up to 4 degrees and a high of 16. Today it was warmer, a whopping 9 degrees. We have the Sun Heat electric furnace going of course but with the temperatures we have now and a little wind the gas furnace still comes on with an alarming frequency. I hate to see what this gas bill is going to be. Especially since we have been on a single income for the last couple of weeks.


I while back, as in when I had a job, I bought a John Deere model 111 with no motor or mow deck from my brother. This past weekend my uncle gave me an 18.5 horsepower motor that I can shoehorn into this little yard tractor. This combo should make a neat little snow plow unit. All of a sudden I'm lawn tractor rich. A Cub Cadet 1330 that I bought last spring, a Wheel Horse B80 that a neighbor gave me then this John Deere. Of course they all need work now.

The .gov still says that jobs are beginning to appear, that money is out there, that we have climbed out of the pit of recession. Well I say bullshit. Every month we still see at least 300 to 400 thousand jobs lost, we hear of more states unemployment funds being drained, we see the federal government stepping in to make those unemployment payments, banks are still refusing to make most loans. So I ask, what has improved? I am going to rob my retirement fund to pay for some training in a niche job that caters to construction and facility management. Hopefully this will result in a job for me. At this time there are plenty of opening in this field. Of course when I took my OSHA 30 course there were plenty of safety openings. Now, if you can find one, they require a college degree or years of safety experience.

My son was sent to the Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada for a couple of weeks. It's near Lake Tahoe. When he arrived it started snowing and kept snowing. When he called us they had shut down all flight operations and sent most crews home due to 8 inches of snow and blizzard conditions. I think they are still restricting flight operations at this time. I'll have to find out in the next call.

200 million is a big number , right? Well the Department of Homeland security has ordered 200 million rounds of .40 Smith and Wesson. The ammo is to be made by Winchester and delivered over 5 years. That's 40 million rounds a year! What are they going to do with 40 million rounds a year. That's a whole lotta practice. Maybe they are expecting a war in this country? I dunno, but 40 million a year is a lot of ammo for a department that has relatively few armed employees. And some of them get prosecuted if they actually shoot someone so why do they need that much ammo?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Missouri Firearms Freedom. Bad cop, bad.

FINALLY! Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis has pre-filed the Missouri Firearms Freedom bill for the 2010 session. In essence this bill is the same as the ones introduced in Montana and Tennessee. Only in Missouri the guns will have to be stamped "Made In Missouri" . Of course. Hey, I can hardly wait for the bill to be passed and The Show Me State to get their letter from those fun loving boys and girls down at AY TE EF headquarters saying even though the US Constitution says you can do this we say you can't. Such naysayers. I can already hear the gears clanking in the new factories busily turning out AR15's, 1911, and other such goodies. It's too bad none of the various bills of this sort attempt to proclaim state sovereignty of the full auto spectrum of firearms rights. Imagine the jobs that would be created by this sort of law. HOORAH!

My brother told me a story today that is very interesting. He lives in the county, OUT of city limits. He had a small fire going to burn up some stick and leaves. A town cop left his jurisdiction to order him to cease his dangerous activities. My brother informed the cop he was out of his jurisdiction he had no enforcement powers effectively making him an ordinary citizen. Brother then went on to order the trespassing "citizen" off his property. Local Po Po proceeded to place his hand on his sidearm at which point my brother called for his wife to call 911 and report an armed intruder on the property and asked his son to bring the shotgun out. When the County Sheriff arrived he found my brother holding a 12 gauge on the cop and the cop with his hand on his sidearm. The Sheriff ordered the local cop to remove his hand and place both hands on the car! My brother safed his weapon and let the County Officer examine the gun. Sheriff proceeded to order the local off the property with the warning that he had already delivered a lecture on this kind of activity to the entire PD of Holt Missouri and the one cop in particular.
Kudos to the Clinton County Sheriff. The local cop in question is no longer employed by Holt.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter's here. On the go. A soupy mix. Gun work.

Winter has well and truly arrived. Yesterday we woke to a coat of frozen slushy snow topped with a layer of crystalline snow with a temperature of about 11 degrees. The temp finally maxed out at 16 or 17. Today we woke to a frigid 3 degrees, looking for a high of 15. Yesterday Cherry Pie, after an extend bout of ice scraping and snow clearing, left for work and returned 20 minutes later. She had called her boss and told her she would most likely be late as the traffic was not moving. Good boss lady that she is, told Cherry to turn around and go home. I've said it before, she's a good person to work for.


I had comment earlier that Cherry had preparations to allow her to stay overnight comfortably at work. I didn't say anything about her car preparations. In the car car she keeps a pair of tall cold weather boots, a long down coat, a rain coat, gloves, a hat and flashlight and a blanket.


Last night I made a nice chunky vegetable soup with cubes of.............ribeye steak in it. Potatoes, carrots, green beans, corn and rice made up the body of the soup then I added some water, tomato sauce, Lea and Perrins as well as some Heinz 57 sauce and Kitchen Bouquet. Man was it good. We had left over biscuits with it.


I got the wood on the FIE I'm working on reshaped, sanded and stained yesterday. I like to apply a reddish walnut stain over walnut wood. Today I will apply a few coats of a satin clear poly. Yes, that's right I'm forgoing a traditional hand rubbed oil finish on this one. I treat the poly the same way I do the oil, rub a coat in, let it dry and steel wool it then add another coat, let it dry and add another coat. Three coats makes a very nice looking, durable finish. There's another guy in town that wants me to reblue his sons Savage rifle. I'll probable use Brownells Oxpho Blue for this one. He also wants me to polish the sides of the slide on his stainless P89 Ruger. For this one I'll start with a fine grade of automotive type black sandpaper and take that all the way up to 1500 grit or so and finish with a sheet of felt impregnated with Flitz. All sheets and felts will be layed on a piece of aluminum plate to keep things nice and flat.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A chrome WHAT? The AY TE EF.

I started working on a singleshot shotgun today. The original stock was broken at the wrist and the owner wanted it replaced. I found a stock for this FIE brand shotgun(finally) and received it today. I went to the shed this afternoon and after 4.5 hours of shaving, scraping and cutting wood the darn thing is on with a near perfect fit. WAYYY better than the stock item. I got the wood to metal fit nice considering I can't touch the metal as it's, gulp, CHROME plated! That's right a chrome plated single shot 20 gauge FIE shotgun. In the morning I'll get the sanding done and start rubbing a little color and linseed oil into it. I sure wish I could find a busy gunshop that needed an apprentice gunsmith.

In addition to running all over town and working on the shotgun, I also cooked a delicious chuck roast with potatoes and carrots. MMMM Good! What I really need to open is a diner with a gunshop next door. I would open a gunshop but I've dealt with the ATF before and I don't think I'll trust 'em again. When I last had my FFL their line was "if you buy or sell more than a few guns every year you need to have an FFL to protect your self." Three years later their story was, "If you have an FFL you are in business and as a business you need a Federal Employers ID number and a state tax number and a local business license." HAHAHA. "Oh, you don't have those things? Well, turn in your FFL and send all your 4473 forms to this address and we won't turn you in to the IRS, your state and your local government." This was during those wonderful Clintonista years. If I remember correctly about 186,000 other FFL holders were done the same way in one year. I can't believe after that BS I'm considering getting a C&R permit. That's a collectors permit for any thing that was produced over 50 years ago or is a curio or relic. I must be out of my mind. We'll see.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Motorcycle adventures

I was over at Tams place this morning and she had a comment on a m/c accident she had and that immediately transported me back to 1983 Corpus Christi Texas. I was working for a company installing slip liners in the sewer system of Corpus Christi. I was car pooling with a great big Hispanic coworker, neighbor and friend, Bobby Hinojosa. He showed up one morning on a Honda Goldwing. Great! I jumped on the back seat and away we went. Things went good for a couple of days and then IT happened. Coming down the other side of the harbour bridge the rear tire blew out. Bobby kept that bike and us up when it tried to go down 3 times but it finally got the best of us. As it went down I kicked off from the back seat, interlocked my hands behind my head and landed on my back, sliding down the highway. I got my ankles crossed and was riding my wallet and one boot heel when I hit a crack or something and then I was tumbling over and over. All I could see was all the traffic behind us with smoke coming off their tires and brakes, headlights flashing back and forth as the swerved to miss us and each other. WHAM! I smacked into the concrete divider, Bobby hitting it 15 feet further down. Both of us jumped up and started running hard. The traffic all came to a stop and we crossed back across all three lanes to the other side. After catching our breath and thanking the Lord for that salvation we picked up the Honda, pushed it to the next exit and over to a warehouse dock. We used the phone inside to call the mechanic at work who picked us and the bike up. We delivered the Goldwing to a bike shop and picked it up that evening and motored on home. Ahh, the resiliency of youth. If that happened today it would take me 3 or 4 days to get all my parts working in sync again. Back then I put in a 10 hour day at hard labor and thought nothing of it.
I also used to ride those dangerous to youth, three wheelers. I took many trips to Wynoka Oklahoma to the sand dunes. On one excursion I was leading the pack, following the perimeter road when I crested a small rise at high speed the bike did a slow roll over to the rear. My full face helmet acting like a plow in the sand, filled my mouth and nose with the grit, the three wheeler recovered and proceeded to drive over my back, leaving black marks on my t-shirt. I sat up spit out the sand, cleared my eyes, started the 250R ( similiar to this one) and off we went again. My brother in law and I used to jump over the crests of the bigger dunes. I earned the nick name of Wally (as in Shirah) and brother in law became known as Oscar (as in Meyer). We would approach the steep back side of a dune at around 65-70 mph in 5th gear. About half way up we would downshift to 4th and blast over the crest at about 55mph. I could fly that 250R over 150 feet down the shallow side of the dune. What a ride! I hate now feeling all the wrecks, fights, accidents and stunts I had as a young man. Every morning I have to stretch, flex and take a hot shower to get moving. Then take glucosamine and some over the counter pain pills then anoint my self with analgesic pain relieving creme, Knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips. And I'm just 45. My orthopedic surgeon, after looking at some film of one of my knees wanted know how old I was and what the hell I had been doing. I told him just playing.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I found him! No jobs. TOSITPC. weather guessers

I have spent the day cooking and designing one thing or another. Breakfast was some of my abuwonderful breakfast burritos and, as the weather has turned cooler with a light snow, Cherry wanted some chili. So, you know how that works...she asks, she gets. We did get to finish the evening meal off with some of her spectacular peanut butter cookies.

A short time back I encountered and old "friend"that I haven't "heard" from in quite a while. I found him on the web several years ago and unfortunately he retired from his longtime blog. He is now on blogtalk radio. You may have read his blog in the past at . He can now be heard at Tune and listen to Kim's own brand of conservatism as well as the intellectual input of his wife Connie.

So far nothing in the job search. I send in resumes and receive nothing back. No thank you, no please come in, not even a kiss my ass from anyone. The funny thing is I keep seeing the same job positions being advertised over and over. Are they really hiring? I'm starting to think not. I do have one option in mind but I will have to dip into the retirement to get the training for this kind of job. It's still in the construction industry but in the form of a specialized type of inspection that requires training. And the best part is this niche is looking for people now.

The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair says jobs may come back around 2012, just in time for the election. That's a pretty powerful card to hold in your pocket. I think when he decides to play it, it will be far to late to help him or us. This man has the worst administration I have ever seen. He is a fine orator but can't seem to remember what he says from day to day. I guess the lies are hard to keep track of. He has a staff of tax cheats, liars, incompetents and moral felons. I really believe they don't have the combined sense to pour piss out of a boot if the directions were printed on the heel. One of these days ask me how I really feel about this...this...this...arrrgggghhhh!

It's still snowing lightly and the weather guessers are calling for even a little freezing rain so we'll see what morning brings. Cherry Pie has a 100 mile round trip to work. If it's bad she doesn't go in. If it gets bad while she's at work she has plans and supplies to stay over night in her office, clothes, toiletries, food and a sleeping bag. She also has a very understanding boss lady. If it's imperative that she gets to work I am always at her disposal as she is not only my Cherry Pie but also my Queen.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Big Gun in Town.

If I've got a big stick are you going to get a bigger stick? The EFF BEE EYE thinks that's the way it goes. At least that's the only reason I can come up with for them to order a couple of giant honkin' 20mm sniper rifles. Is it because too many people are buying the relatively inexpensive 50 caliber rifles now and the G-Men feel rather, er, inadequate? Really 20 mm rifles for the domestic investigative police. Normally, the 20mm cartridge is used against vehicles, trucks, airplanes, light armour and buildings. Is the FBI expecting the need to punch through a building? I'm sure they already have 50 caliber rifles so what's the need of the 20mm guns unless it's just to have a bigger stick than we have. Take a look at this comparison of the 20mm round against a belt of 50 caliber cartridges. What do you think of that? Here is the solicitation order to Anzio Ironworks. My other question is, why order them with non firing bolt assemblies?


I'm going to a gun auction in the morning. I don't have any guilders to spend but there is a time to look at everything before the auction begins. From what I've seen of auctions in general and gun action in particular, you might as well buy a new gun for the price of some run of the mill guns at an auction house. I may be fun though to see folks spending way too much for everyday stuff.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Navigation and 22 elation.

After Cherry's unplanned excursion into, uh, questionable territory, which resulted in her desire to get a concealed carry permit, she also decided to get a GPS unit for her car. It showed up today and it is cool. It's made by Magellan and has quite a few neat features. We plan on trying it out in the morning. Like maps and other navigation devices, a bit of common sense must be used. The unit even has a warning on the entry screen that says if the machine tells you to go somewhere you know not to go, DON'T DO IT. Common sense always prevails.

After getting the Caddie repaired I drove it quite a bit today and all seems well. It just needs a good wash and undercarriage cleaning so we are off to the Squeaky Clean Car Wash tomorrow.
I hope this is the last of the auto repairs for a while.

My Son is off to the desert Saturday for the ...Navy. That's right the Navy has bases in the desert. Lots of wide open spaces to train in and experience desert type operations. He says he'll be there for a couple weeks and then back home to Oceana NAS.

After watching Cherry shooting last weekend I sure want to get out more but with my limited income at this time, I don't know. I do have a LOT of 22 rimfire available and I do have several items that digest that kind of fodder, sooooo...
I have a Ruger 77/22, one of the nice ones with an actual walnut wood stock, I got years ago and plan on keeping for ever. It is the most accurate 22 I have ever used. I kept a small target in my wallet for about a decade as proof of its accuracy. A one inch square of black paper with the center shot out. 30 shots in less than a half inch space at 50 yards. This thing is wicked in the squirrel woods. I usually just find a place to sit and wait for the sun to come up and the tree rats to start moving and then I shoot, wait, shoot, wait so on and so forth until my limit is filled. I watch the squirrels fall and then place a piece of stick pointing in the direction of my quarry. After I'm shot out I follow the direction of the sticks and pick up my tasty little rodents. Fried squirrel, mmm.

That brings me to this...with a good 22 rifle one can provide quite a bit of tasty fair for the household. Small game, birds if the local law allows it all make a nice meal. I have even known a couple of guys that have used a 22 rimfire on deer. They would shoot the deer in the lungs with one shot and wait. They claim the deer would flinch, then calm down and after a few minutes, drown in their own blood. I know in most places that's not legal and in all places should not be even considered on ethical grounds but they did it anyway and always kept their family in venison. Used properly, a 22 can even be used defensively. If you have only a handgun in 22, a triple tap to the eyes/nose triangle of your assailant should suffice. If not, try it again. And again if needed. At longer range a 22 rifle can be used for accurate aimed fire to the ear/eye/temple areas of an assailants head. I personally have a 10/22 with a folding stock, 2- 10 round mags and 1- 30 round magazine and a decent BSA Cat Eye scope that is my "travel" rifle set up. I would really like to have a Twunty Too with a "can" on it. Now that they are legal in Missouri, I may see about getting that particular stamp, acquire a suppressor and get a rifle barrel threaded for it. That would be my ultimate survival rifle, accurate, deadly and quiet. And could you imagine the pleasure of shooting without getting deafened. They should be mandatory for the health benefits alone. I have seen video of 10/22 rifles with suppressors on them and the loudest thing you could hear was the bolt clicking back and forth. Just what me and my impaired ears need.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A summit. We struck oil! On the dole. Papers and brothers.

The One Acting As President had a "job summit" today. Not with people that actually provide jobs but with top donors to his campaign. Every speech this guy makes sounds more and more phony. He's broken pretty much every campaign promise he made and done everything he said he wouldn't do. This government needs a real fixin'. Get a whole new party in office, people that will do what they say they'll do. If the new guys continue to run a government that continues to steal from the people and lie about everything then it'll be time for a different kind of change. Bring back the Constitution to the governing of the country, bring back a currency backed by something of meaning and substance. Put the power of the States back in the hands of the States. 'Nuff said.

I took Cherry Pie's Caddie to the funshow last weekend and the darn thing started spewing oil. I had to put 2 quarts in when we arrived and when we got home it was 3 quarts low. I took it to the shop today and they found the oil sending unit pukin' oil like a derrick out of control. Sixty Eight dollars later we are back in bidness. I do need to wash the oil accumulation off the back of the car tomorrow.

I received a letter from the Unemployment Office saying I qualify for the federal extension of 13 weeks. I called to confirm I didn't need to do anything different than I had been doing and the individual I spoke to said a check had already been cut for me. Great! I checked the website the next day and it said my claim was denied! I called them back and got a different person after 17 attempts. This person said I still had a regular claim to be utilized! OK, great. I checked the website the next day and found they had me down to claim the extension AND a regular claim! WTF? I checked a couple days later and they have it cleared up...I think.

A short time ago a friend if mine asked if I would serve some papers on one of his deadbeat tenants. He got the paperwork filed for me to be a special process server and I did the deed a couple days later. He was at court today on this issue and he called me from the courthouse. A woman he met there wanted my name and number as she has some deadbeats of her own and needs some papers served. This could turn out to be a pretty good deal as I charge WAY less than the Sheriffs department does so maybe this will make me a little money. I don't generally have too many issues with people. I'm 6'2" and 275lbs. A bearded biker looking dude, but I have a lot of HR type training and have dealt with upper management types for a long time so my appearance usually stops the bs and my demeanor gets the job done professionally.

Oh lordie, what am I going to do on Tuesday evenings now? The Sons of Anarchy ended their second season this week. Man, was it a good one! Last weeks episode was good too. I'd join a club if it wasn't for all the prospect bullshit. A guy I know joined a local club at the age of 50 and after a few years he became their enforcer. They got in a squabble with another club and his brothers said you're the enforcer, take care of it. He went over to take care of business and got his ass handed to him while his "brothers" stood and watched. He has since quit them and is going to head up a chapter of California club that is moving to KC. I wonder what he's going to do with all those tat's of his old club? And the bike that had to be painted in his old club colors? And all the that club jewelry he so proudly wore? Nothing like having brothers to get your back.