Friday, December 4, 2009

Navigation and 22 elation.

After Cherry's unplanned excursion into, uh, questionable territory, which resulted in her desire to get a concealed carry permit, she also decided to get a GPS unit for her car. It showed up today and it is cool. It's made by Magellan and has quite a few neat features. We plan on trying it out in the morning. Like maps and other navigation devices, a bit of common sense must be used. The unit even has a warning on the entry screen that says if the machine tells you to go somewhere you know not to go, DON'T DO IT. Common sense always prevails.

After getting the Caddie repaired I drove it quite a bit today and all seems well. It just needs a good wash and undercarriage cleaning so we are off to the Squeaky Clean Car Wash tomorrow.
I hope this is the last of the auto repairs for a while.

My Son is off to the desert Saturday for the ...Navy. That's right the Navy has bases in the desert. Lots of wide open spaces to train in and experience desert type operations. He says he'll be there for a couple weeks and then back home to Oceana NAS.

After watching Cherry shooting last weekend I sure want to get out more but with my limited income at this time, I don't know. I do have a LOT of 22 rimfire available and I do have several items that digest that kind of fodder, sooooo...
I have a Ruger 77/22, one of the nice ones with an actual walnut wood stock, I got years ago and plan on keeping for ever. It is the most accurate 22 I have ever used. I kept a small target in my wallet for about a decade as proof of its accuracy. A one inch square of black paper with the center shot out. 30 shots in less than a half inch space at 50 yards. This thing is wicked in the squirrel woods. I usually just find a place to sit and wait for the sun to come up and the tree rats to start moving and then I shoot, wait, shoot, wait so on and so forth until my limit is filled. I watch the squirrels fall and then place a piece of stick pointing in the direction of my quarry. After I'm shot out I follow the direction of the sticks and pick up my tasty little rodents. Fried squirrel, mmm.

That brings me to this...with a good 22 rifle one can provide quite a bit of tasty fair for the household. Small game, birds if the local law allows it all make a nice meal. I have even known a couple of guys that have used a 22 rimfire on deer. They would shoot the deer in the lungs with one shot and wait. They claim the deer would flinch, then calm down and after a few minutes, drown in their own blood. I know in most places that's not legal and in all places should not be even considered on ethical grounds but they did it anyway and always kept their family in venison. Used properly, a 22 can even be used defensively. If you have only a handgun in 22, a triple tap to the eyes/nose triangle of your assailant should suffice. If not, try it again. And again if needed. At longer range a 22 rifle can be used for accurate aimed fire to the ear/eye/temple areas of an assailants head. I personally have a 10/22 with a folding stock, 2- 10 round mags and 1- 30 round magazine and a decent BSA Cat Eye scope that is my "travel" rifle set up. I would really like to have a Twunty Too with a "can" on it. Now that they are legal in Missouri, I may see about getting that particular stamp, acquire a suppressor and get a rifle barrel threaded for it. That would be my ultimate survival rifle, accurate, deadly and quiet. And could you imagine the pleasure of shooting without getting deafened. They should be mandatory for the health benefits alone. I have seen video of 10/22 rifles with suppressors on them and the loudest thing you could hear was the bolt clicking back and forth. Just what me and my impaired ears need.

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