Monday, December 21, 2009

The gauge rules!

Wow, have we been busy lately. Dinners at relatives, shopping, small jobs, it goes on an on. I might be accepting a small job as property manager/maintenance manager for an old apartment building. As they say...anything to get the coon.

I have been working on a shot gun for a friend and recently did another shotgun. In my talks with the owners and others, it seems that everyone has pretty much the same opinion that I do in regards to the shotgun. There ain't 'nuthin' like a gauge. When it comes to portable firepower, decisive putdown and pure intimidation you can't beat a shotgun. For home defense a 2 3/4 inch load of #4 buckshot will certainly put the hurt in any intruders day. Come to think of it it, a load of your favorite bird shot at room ranges will do the trick. No, it's not like on tv where you point in the general direction of the target and the target is destroyed. You have to actually aim the thing. That's right, aim it. And like any other gun you need to practice with it on a regular basis. A 12 gauge is perfect for home defense but if you are recoil sensitive a 20 gauge will do just fine. And the best part of a shotgun is the fact that right now, the ammo is widely available, unlike some of those other cartridges.

Here's what I like to depend on... the Mossberg 590.

For those of you with a more traditional mindset there's nothing like double barreled goodness.

And if it wasn't for that whole strictly regulated, enforced by prosecution and jail thing, these are simply badass. But don't go there with out the required paperwork and fees.

These versatile, inexpensive tools have filled several roles through out the ages, from food getter to man getter to target getter they have done it all.

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