Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A chrome WHAT? The AY TE EF.

I started working on a singleshot shotgun today. The original stock was broken at the wrist and the owner wanted it replaced. I found a stock for this FIE brand shotgun(finally) and received it today. I went to the shed this afternoon and after 4.5 hours of shaving, scraping and cutting wood the darn thing is on with a near perfect fit. WAYYY better than the stock item. I got the wood to metal fit nice considering I can't touch the metal as it's, gulp, CHROME plated! That's right a chrome plated single shot 20 gauge FIE shotgun. In the morning I'll get the sanding done and start rubbing a little color and linseed oil into it. I sure wish I could find a busy gunshop that needed an apprentice gunsmith.

In addition to running all over town and working on the shotgun, I also cooked a delicious chuck roast with potatoes and carrots. MMMM Good! What I really need to open is a diner with a gunshop next door. I would open a gunshop but I've dealt with the ATF before and I don't think I'll trust 'em again. When I last had my FFL their line was "if you buy or sell more than a few guns every year you need to have an FFL to protect your self." Three years later their story was, "If you have an FFL you are in business and as a business you need a Federal Employers ID number and a state tax number and a local business license." HAHAHA. "Oh, you don't have those things? Well, turn in your FFL and send all your 4473 forms to this address and we won't turn you in to the IRS, your state and your local government." This was during those wonderful Clintonista years. If I remember correctly about 186,000 other FFL holders were done the same way in one year. I can't believe after that BS I'm considering getting a C&R permit. That's a collectors permit for any thing that was produced over 50 years ago or is a curio or relic. I must be out of my mind. We'll see.

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