Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Big Gun in Town.

If I've got a big stick are you going to get a bigger stick? The EFF BEE EYE thinks that's the way it goes. At least that's the only reason I can come up with for them to order a couple of giant honkin' 20mm sniper rifles. Is it because too many people are buying the relatively inexpensive 50 caliber rifles now and the G-Men feel rather, er, inadequate? Really 20 mm rifles for the domestic investigative police. Normally, the 20mm cartridge is used against vehicles, trucks, airplanes, light armour and buildings. Is the FBI expecting the need to punch through a building? I'm sure they already have 50 caliber rifles so what's the need of the 20mm guns unless it's just to have a bigger stick than we have. Take a look at this comparison of the 20mm round against a belt of 50 caliber cartridges. What do you think of that? Here is the solicitation order to Anzio Ironworks. My other question is, why order them with non firing bolt assemblies?


I'm going to a gun auction in the morning. I don't have any guilders to spend but there is a time to look at everything before the auction begins. From what I've seen of auctions in general and gun action in particular, you might as well buy a new gun for the price of some run of the mill guns at an auction house. I may be fun though to see folks spending way too much for everyday stuff.

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