Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A whole lotta dealin' going on

On this day in history.......I was born! Cherry Pie is taking me to my favorite Mexican joint tonight where I'll have the Mexican chili over rice. MMMM goood.

Well it seems the fix is in for the senate version of the healthcare bill. A few Senators have been bought off with massive funding going to their states in the name of health care. I'm only talking a 100 million here and a 100 million there. Oh, abortion is back in the bill now. All of a sudden, there are democrats calling foul and other senators going "where's the funding for our states?". One senator is urging an investigation and another is talking a law suit over the deals. So much for hope and change. Some much for clarity and light. We're still hoping for change and it's still dim and dark. And I must say... all LIES! The House and the Senate are filled with lying bags of feces. They wouldn't know a truth if it smacked them in the face every morning.
I really liked the quote the douche bag Nelson from Nebraska made about his sweet deal. It distilled down to this ...I wouldn't have voted for this bill if they hadn't offered me that deal. How sweet is that.? Admitting on camera that he was holding out for the pay off. One good thing has come from all this. Democrat Senator Parker of Alabama is now a Republican. Yep, he changed party over the bs in the healthcare bill and the bs the democratic party has become.

The weather guessers are hard at it here in the KC area. One Guesser finally said we won't know about Thursdays weather until it gets here. Way to go! Hell I can do that. When Thursday gets here I'll look out the door and know what the weather is doing. I can probably look out Wednesday evening and look at the moon and know whats going to happen in the next 12-24 hours. I don't need no stinking computer model.

I have been hearing on the TV that the economy is coming up. They say this because home re sales have come up 7 percent. They fail to mention that new home sales are down by 13 percent. I would imagine the home re sales are sales of foreclosures or emergency sales to get out of a house payment. Hell the unemployment situation here is Missouri is so bad that it takes 3-4 weeks to get an decision on your unemployment claim. I ran out of unemployment on November 22. I received a letter on the 23rd saying I was eligible for the federal extension. I called to verify that I had to do nothing further to receive the federal claim. The conversation led me to some other questions so I called back a day or two later and spoke with another person who told me that I didn't need the federal extension as I had a whole new claim to receive. I still have not been cleared for an unemployment claim 30 days later. I was told just yesterday it would be another 3-4 weeks. Turns out the hold up is from the temp agency that placed me for the power plant project I ran last year. When the job was over the temp agency had no further work for me in the area I have experience in. A few weeks later they called me asking me to work in ST. Joseph Missouri (over 50 miles away) for a couple hours a day 5 days a week. I declined as it would only pay my gas and no more. So now we come to this new claim. The temp agency is saying I quit so I have no claim! What bullshit is this? They never placed me for any other job from which I could take home a salary. The only thing they offered was a gas money job. That's it, gas money only. No money for my time, no money for the house payment, no money for groceries. It would only pay for my daily travel expenses i.e. gas, oil, etc. So they say I quit. Come to think of it gas was approaching 4 dollars a gallon at the time. I was driving 50 miles to the power plant and was going through 75 dollars in gas every three days. So that pretty much destroys the 100 dollar a week job they offered. Now if they offered a 10 dollar an hour job within 15 or twenty miles we could get by with that but not with a 100+ mile round trip.
What kinda bullshit is this any way?

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