Friday, December 11, 2009

Missouri Firearms Freedom. Bad cop, bad.

FINALLY! Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis has pre-filed the Missouri Firearms Freedom bill for the 2010 session. In essence this bill is the same as the ones introduced in Montana and Tennessee. Only in Missouri the guns will have to be stamped "Made In Missouri" . Of course. Hey, I can hardly wait for the bill to be passed and The Show Me State to get their letter from those fun loving boys and girls down at AY TE EF headquarters saying even though the US Constitution says you can do this we say you can't. Such naysayers. I can already hear the gears clanking in the new factories busily turning out AR15's, 1911, and other such goodies. It's too bad none of the various bills of this sort attempt to proclaim state sovereignty of the full auto spectrum of firearms rights. Imagine the jobs that would be created by this sort of law. HOORAH!

My brother told me a story today that is very interesting. He lives in the county, OUT of city limits. He had a small fire going to burn up some stick and leaves. A town cop left his jurisdiction to order him to cease his dangerous activities. My brother informed the cop he was out of his jurisdiction he had no enforcement powers effectively making him an ordinary citizen. Brother then went on to order the trespassing "citizen" off his property. Local Po Po proceeded to place his hand on his sidearm at which point my brother called for his wife to call 911 and report an armed intruder on the property and asked his son to bring the shotgun out. When the County Sheriff arrived he found my brother holding a 12 gauge on the cop and the cop with his hand on his sidearm. The Sheriff ordered the local cop to remove his hand and place both hands on the car! My brother safed his weapon and let the County Officer examine the gun. Sheriff proceeded to order the local off the property with the warning that he had already delivered a lecture on this kind of activity to the entire PD of Holt Missouri and the one cop in particular.
Kudos to the Clinton County Sheriff. The local cop in question is no longer employed by Holt.

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