Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Water every where and not a drop to drink

After a summers rain, do you let your kids play in the mud puddles that are left? Do they go wading in the overflowing ditches and streams? If you do then you could be promoting trespass on government property. That's right, the US Government is changing the wording on the law that gives the ownership of all navigable waters in the US. That change would be the removal of the word navigable. And adding a few like all, waters, including, seasonal ponds, puddles, pools and on and on. So, in effect, if you're thinking of drilling a well you may be stealing a Government commodity. Drive your truck through a puddle in the pasture? You could be polluting Government waters. Where are these illegal government actions going to to take us? They think they own every drop of water that falls or rises or appears? What kind of gods do they believe themselves to be? Will they next claim ownership of the water that is in your body? I mean we do have a lot of water in us. Just think, they just declared the gas that comes out of our mouths to be a poison! A poison that plants depend on for life. What kind of idiots are running this country? We have to stop them before it's too late.

A friend called me and wanted to know if I wanted to do a little job for him. His son just got back from a deer hunt in Texas and had a deer that need to be butchered. I said yeah, I'd do for 50 bucks and supplies. I got the deer cut up and all the steaks and such packaged and had a tub of meat ready for grinding. I went to make sure I got the cooler closed and found ........ another deer. I called and asked if he knew about a second deer. He didn't. Son was so exited talking about the buck he got he forgot to say anything about the second deer. So, another 50 bucks coming my way. It seems there are no shops in this area that will butcher a deer any more. The last time I heard of anyone taking a deer to a butcher it cost them nearly a hundred dollars!

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