Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pure Ignorance From Those In Power

"Feinstein said the firearms of law-abiding Americans need to be placed under “appropriate authority."
Every time a quote like this has been made and acted upon a genocide has occurred. In places like Nazi Germany, Communist China, Communist Russia, Uganda and many other nations.
Are our leaders actually ignorant enough to think that millions of angry armed gun owners will sit idly by for draconian gun taxes, the listing of their guns on the NFA registry or the confiscation of guns and magazines?

Obama certainly thinks so or he wouldn't be making these asinine comments.

“I've been very clear that an assault-rifle ban, banning these high capacity clips, background checks, that there are a set of issues that I have historically supported and will continue to support,” the president said."

 He has been careful to hide these feelings these last few years, but if you know his pas,t this is no surprise.

“I think there are a vast majority of responsible gun owners out there who recognize that we can't have a situation in which somebody with severe psychological problems is able to get the kind of high-capacity weapons that this individual in Newtown obtained and gun down our kids,” Obama said."

I think most gun owners are responsible gun owners yet I have actually had conversations with ignorant gun owners that claim to want a limit on "high" capacity magazines and those "military" style rifles. I am quick to point out that those rifles, in fact, operate no differently than those beloved Remington semi auto's of the deer woods for so many years. And the magazines they want to ban are, in fact, standard capacity for these firearms. And a magazine of 10 rounds capacity works no differently than one of thirty rounds capacity  But, the responsible gun owners that I actually know have no intention of surrendering anything. They are buying like there is no tomorrow. Guns, magazines, ammunition. They are not doing this for the act of surrendering them for grocery cards, or for minuscule cash payments or even confiscation,  they are doing this in preparation for war.

Most deer, elk, moose, bear and varmint hunters are pretty good shots. I'm talking from 50 to 1000 yards. And we outnumber those willing to take our freedoms, take our guns, take our lives by a huge ration. We could enact a guerrilla war that would take this illegitimate government down. No bureaucrat or their supporters that favors these proposed measures of taxing, confiscation and NFA listing would ever feel comfortable on their daily commute, their daily jog, their grocery run, their cook outs, their family reunions.

And you think this is over the latest school shooting? Or the accumulated effects of other mass shootings? According to a source inside DHS this has been in the plans for a while and they may engineer another event if this one fails to get the desires effect.
The governments goal for many years has been to strip us of our second amendment rights. And they dont' care how many they have to kill to arrange that. Don't believe me? Do search of the governments that have massacred million of their citizens to achieve their political goals. When a government has all the power there is no stopping them from doing what they want to keep the power. And that my friends is the object of gun control. To keep the government in power. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Thinking Person

In a political climate where one may be classified as a felon, a hazard to the public by the stroke of a pen, a thinking person would take several actions.

One, compile a list of home addresses of those who would persecute you.

Two, that same person would have accumulated the goods and supplies to carry out their mission..

Three, this fictitious person would have trained themselves in the use of said goods and supplies.

Four, A sharp look out for any activities of their enemies would be maintained.

Five, This person must be willing to risk their life to engage the enemy whenever possible say, as they were traveling to a raid somewhere in their AO or conducting a raid in their AO.
Or during said raid, that person might take a look at that list they compiled and go shall we say, visiting.

Six, An evacuation plan would also be a good idea.

Seven, A survival network might also come in handy.

Eight, A partner might be helpful also or even a small team say 3-5 like minded people. All with a proven evac plan.

   It seems that there may be laws or regulations coming down the road that may necessitate action similar to these. There is so much bullshit being flung about in relation to the recent tragedy. The leftists cannot understand that the guns or access to the guns did not cause this horrendous crime. A sick mind, phycotropic drugs and violent video games led to this disaster. Every day I read comments saying how evil guns are, how evil gun owners are, how guns made this freak do this unspeakable act. They use one of the rights to call us names, call for us to be imprisoned, call for our deaths. Yet they think nothing of violating the right that we as gun owners exercise. Shall we call for a ban on their speech? Shall we demand that these death wishes and desires for our deaths to be dealt with in the harshest terms?

A fucked up individual violated 20,000 gun laws and and several moral codes yet legal, responsible gun owners will be made to pay for his heinous actions.

They keep fucking with us and a hard steel rain will indeed fall.

Thanks to Zoomie for the graphics.

Some More Weather Pictures

I made it to work OK, no thanks to my fellow drivers. A couple of them had no business being behind the wheel of anything this morning. Early in the afternoon the sun came out and a lot of thawing happened. In the KC area that is. When I got home I found the highway to our city was still defined by two pairs of black tracks divided by packed sleet, ice and snow. I finally made it into my own damned driveway and found we still had a lot of snow. Nothing like what you would see in the mountains  or even in the western and northern plains. But for this area lately it was a pretty good snow storm. I had six inches in the front yard and some pretty good drifts in the back yard. I took these pics when I got home tonight. Early, I might add thanks to my bosses concerns

You can see where our Shepherd has been romping a little. He really loves the snow. Almost as much as I do.

Well I have some thoughts I have to get together  so I'll sign off for a bit. Have a great evening, I know I will.

A Big Change, In the Weather That Is

Yesterday evening it started misting and drizzling rain. Then the rain increased in tempo until it was pounding on the roof. Last night we were awoken several times from the noise of the rain beating on the roof. Then the wind really increased and the power went  out several times. This morning we woke to this...

This is looking out the front door. You can't see it now but there is a road about 150 feet in front of that tree. The wind is gusting up to 45 miles per hour and the power is still flashing on and off. The news says that traffic is a real m****r f****r. Now I have to get ready to leave. My job doesn't pay enough to pay the deductable on my insurance so, wish me luck! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

And The Uninformed Are Speaking Out

The imbeciles are coming out of the wood work over this latest school shooting. The cries for gun control, bans on semi-automatic guns, bans on automatic guns, bans on assault weapons are starting to flood the news feeds and the comments sections.

"A veteran Democratic lawmaker believes the nation will go along with stronger gun control laws if President Obama “exploits” the Newtown, Conn., tragedy and nudges Congress to action"
Read more:

That's it you liberal assholes, exploit the deaths of 20 children to further your goals.

In regards to his poor, mudered mother,

"Last night it also emerged Nancy was a member of the Doomsday Preppers movement, which believes people should prepare for end of the world."
What the fuck does this have to do with anything. So what she stored food and supplies in the event of an emergency. It has NOTHING to do with the shooting.

"I wish people would stop the nonsense that guns are not the problem. The shooter was armed with an assault rifle he had been trained to use by his survivalist mother, and was able to fire multiple rounds with one clip. If he had a knife or a crossbow, he would never have been able to get into the school in the first place, never mind kill as many people as quickly as he did. People should be able to keep hand guns for protection, but semi-automatic weapons and assault rifles do not belong in the hands of private citizens. They were meant for war, not home protection. I'm so sick and tired of the NRA propaganda machine, and a lot the comments here reflecting their talking points. The NRA is an organization that has little to no use for even the slightest types of sensible checks and balances for gun ownership."
Read more:
You can make up your own comments on that pile of gargage, mistakes and ignorance.

"She created a monster.
Adam Lanza’s mother taught her son how to become a killing machine who used what he learned from her about firing guns to commit one of the worst massacres in American history at a Connecticut elementary school.
Weapon-loving Nancy Lanza regularly took her awkward loner-son Adam to shooting ranges, where the painfully shy boy — who suffered from the autism-related Asperger’s syndrome — blasted away targets using his mom’s small arsenal of guns." From the New York Post.

Shooting does not create a monster. Mental issues create a monster. His mother, in all likelyhood, did not create a monster. Teaching a son to shoot does not create a killing machine. The violent games that young people play for hours on end create killing machines and help create monsters. There's a reason the Army encourages its soldiers to play these kind of games.

Comments from the above pile of crap from the NYP....

"Without her automatic weapons it wouldn't have happened..dah."

"Caring parents do not go to the shooting range with their children. They play cards."

"she couldve took her son to the movies, a zoo or a park.....a shooting range now look what that caused"

"Here is what we know for a fact number 4, if he had not had an arsenal of mommies weapons he would not have been able to kill 20 kids in a few minutes."

"The waiting period to purchase a gun should be 30 days time enought
 to do a complete background check. of course it would not have matttered here because we had a irresoinsible mother..... "

"Prone to violence" - Boy has a problem, boy's mother takes him to a shooting range, boy finds and uses Mom's guns to kill her and 25 others (including himself) Take out the shooting range and minus the guns, and we're back to a boy having a problem. Prone to violence came from the shooting range and the guns. I will NEVER understand gun lovers."

"Maybe she was going to kill him and he got the jump on her..whichever way,they were both sick,one was in love with weapons,the other was pure evil.put both of them together and you get weapons of mass destruction."

With all this ignorance floating around, with all this hate being spewed we really have a problem in American. People cannot get it, the guns had no choice in the matter. A fucked up person cause all this death. The gun was a tool. What would the body cound be if he had employeed a few pieces fo chain and a couple gallons of gas? The morons of American think murder only happens with a gun.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Another School Shooting

Drudge broke a story this morning of another shooting. This one is at a school in Connecticut.
Have you ever noticed these shootings come in groups? We had the douche bag of a Kansas City Chief shoot his girlfriend and then himself, that was followed by calls for gun control and now many NFL players have surrendered their guns. Then we had another shooting, this one at yet another mall. that was followed by more calls for gun control but not as much as you would think though. This morning, tragically, we hear of another school shooting.
Is it me or does there seem to be a pattern to these terrible actions. The violent threads all start either with calls for gun control or a violent action. One way or the other, it doesn't matter. We have shootings, and calls for legislation. Or calls for legislation followed by shootings.
Very predictable. Very regular, getting to be very common. Is there any possibility of some the fabled MK Ultra programming in play here? Or is the good ol' problem, reaction , solution playbook being used? What is triggering these groups of shootings?
Sleep on that for a while and see what you come up with.

The Hunger Of The Morning

I have finally figured out how I can loose weight. I just have to stay a little hungry all the the time. A normal day now starts out with a bowl of cereal and then I have one regular meal during the day, usually between the hours of 1 and 3 PM. This has been working very well and I have dropped around 30 pounds so far.
This morning though, I woke up with a real hunger, a hunger that could only be satisfied with, well, with gravy. Yep, good ol' sausage gravy. While I was whipping up a pan of the creamy, slightly peppery delicious mixture I had a couple of slices of bread in the toaster. After a few minutes I had this...

And it was oh, so good too.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Drunk is High, HIgh is Drunk

Two States have passed laws making the use and possession of marijuana legal. Now, a whole bunch of question are coming up about workplace use, drug testing issues, use by police and more. Why do they think it will or should be treated any different than alcohol use? In any job, if you are drunk, you are fired. If you test positive for alcohol you get treatment or you get fired. If you fail a field sobriety test you get arrested and charged with DUI. Why does anyone think that being high in any of those circumstances should be treated any differently? Drunk? You are fired or arrested. High? You should be fired or arrested. No difference.


I have been a little remiss in my greetings. Let me make up for that. I want to extend a great big ol' WELCOME to Bonnie Gadsen, TL Lee and Zinger123. Great to have  ya here! Now it's off to the pawn shop for me. We'll see what today brings through the door. I've got my eye on another neat gun! This really does have a pump action and it doesn't need any work either.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Not Quite High Enough

Finally some heads are rolling over the Fast and Furious debacle. Two damn years of stonewalling and obfuscation and out right lies have finally come to one definite firing and possible others to come. Several other ATF employees are set for some form of discipline. The list goes all the way to to Holders Chief of staff Gary Grindler. Grindler, in my opinion, "fell on his sword" to spare Holder the fate of being fired, disgraced and possibly indicted. This is not nearly enough punishment being doled out for trying to set up the second amendment as the culprit. Which is what the whole thing was really all about. There IS a definite stink to this whole affair.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jobs Game Answer

Well Anonymous got it right. I have never been a pharmacist assistant. All the other ones, yes. That was quick!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jobs Game.

OK Jay, I'll play along!

I've held all of these jobs but one. Can you guess which one I have not held? Answer in the comments.

shrimp peddler

Oilfield service laborer

Sewer line laborer

heavy equipment operator

asphalt laborer

construction laborer

maintenance supervisor

construction manager

power plant construction manager

pharmacist assistant

meat cutter

gun dealer

bell ringer coordinator

bell ringer

pawnshop salesman

Can you figure it out?

The Remmy

I had mentioned earlier that I had put on lay-a-way at the pawn shop I work at, a Remington. I had stated that it was the pump but I misspoke. It is the semi-auto 552 Speedmaster. I brought it home last night. I contacted Remington with the barrel code to determine the date. These guns did not have serial numbers until later in life. They used a complex code system stamped on the left side of the barrel. My particular one was made in 1959, two years into the production run. This rifle has been abused in the most horrendous manner. Some dimwit took a nail or similar implement of torture and scratched on the side of the receiver the transfer of ownership from him to another person. Blankety blank blank To some dude. Emblazoned right on the side of this gun in the best moronic hand scratching for all to see. Sigh. I'll fix this outrage. And since it has a pretty cool tiger stripe butt, I'll also do the wood to bring our this effect. Here she is...

Here's a look at that striped buttstock...

I think the wood will turn out great. With the amount of filing I need to do on the receiver, I'll be lucky to salvage the Remington logo. Take a look at this travesty for yourself.

Here is the information I could find out about this neat old rifle.
In 1957 Remington brought to the firearms market a remarkable new auto loading .22 rifle. They designated this creation as the 552 Speedmaster.  As of now, according to Remington, this is the only American made autoloader that can handle .22 short, long and long rifle cartridges interchangeably.
   You can still get this fine small bore rifle today in the upscale BDL version with deluxe sights, checkered stocks and a high polish finish.
   Here are the specs:
   Barrel…22 inches

   Overall length…40 inches

   Weight…5.8 pounds

   Safety…cross bolt style
   Designed by L.R Crittendon and E.W. Hailston, this rifle employees a floating chamber to handle the different size ammo it will feed.
    Remington offered this gun in several different configurations. The most popular being the standard rifle. It also came in the Deluxe BDL, Gallery Special in 22 short only, the carbine and finally the 150th anniversary edition.
    Other than it’s feeding abilities the most notable feature of this rifle is the left side charging knob. That’s correct, the charging handle is on the left side. The ejection port however is on the right side.
   Take down is very unique in that you must remove the barrel to clean the chamber. It is set up to do this and is very simple. If the barrel gets loose you simply install a new barrel bushing. Parts are readily available too. Here's a video of the take down and reassembly procedure.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Harmony? Discord?

Last night Cherry and I attended the monthly family dinner that her side does. Hmm, had some good food and for the most part everyone was well behaved and had a good time. It's the tiny little bit of not well behaved that gets me. They have a family member that is successful, semi-rich, has all the cool toys and a bitchin' house to boot. Every one is proud of him. The only problem is he has a large dose of god complex. If you don't agree with him you're wrong. Do something different? You're wrong. Can't get a job, you're lazy. Got a low paying job, well, there's no excuse for that.  No one can do anything right in his eyes.
   Recently I have lost a bit of weight. I don't advertise it, I don't brag about it, but, it is enough that others notice it. Last night a non-family guest commented that I had lost weight and asked how much. I told him 30-35 pounds. Nothing more was said. So, dinner is finally served and it was worth the wait. A very tasty meatloaf, a new recipe of half smashed mashers and cheesy corn. As the portions were being dished out, everyone was discussing the food. When my plate was filled the asshole in question says,  "but you're on a diet" meaning not so much. I told him this was my meal of the day. A few seconds later he commented to his wife that this was my meal. It's not what he says but the tone and expressions he uses with these comments.  I have been able to maintain my cool for many years, but, in the interests of familial harmony I don't know if I can attend these dinners any longer. We'll see.
   The best part of this is, big ol' me, over 6 feet tall, broad of shoulder and narrow of hip had no more on my plate than any of the other family members who are well under 6 feet.
To make this whole situation even better, this asshat wants to run for public office. God help us.