Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some More Weather Pictures

I made it to work OK, no thanks to my fellow drivers. A couple of them had no business being behind the wheel of anything this morning. Early in the afternoon the sun came out and a lot of thawing happened. In the KC area that is. When I got home I found the highway to our city was still defined by two pairs of black tracks divided by packed sleet, ice and snow. I finally made it into my own damned driveway and found we still had a lot of snow. Nothing like what you would see in the mountains  or even in the western and northern plains. But for this area lately it was a pretty good snow storm. I had six inches in the front yard and some pretty good drifts in the back yard. I took these pics when I got home tonight. Early, I might add thanks to my bosses concerns

You can see where our Shepherd has been romping a little. He really loves the snow. Almost as much as I do.

Well I have some thoughts I have to get together  so I'll sign off for a bit. Have a great evening, I know I will.

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