Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Thinking Person

In a political climate where one may be classified as a felon, a hazard to the public by the stroke of a pen, a thinking person would take several actions.

One, compile a list of home addresses of those who would persecute you.

Two, that same person would have accumulated the goods and supplies to carry out their mission..

Three, this fictitious person would have trained themselves in the use of said goods and supplies.

Four, A sharp look out for any activities of their enemies would be maintained.

Five, This person must be willing to risk their life to engage the enemy whenever possible say, as they were traveling to a raid somewhere in their AO or conducting a raid in their AO.
Or during said raid, that person might take a look at that list they compiled and go shall we say, visiting.

Six, An evacuation plan would also be a good idea.

Seven, A survival network might also come in handy.

Eight, A partner might be helpful also or even a small team say 3-5 like minded people. All with a proven evac plan.

   It seems that there may be laws or regulations coming down the road that may necessitate action similar to these. There is so much bullshit being flung about in relation to the recent tragedy. The leftists cannot understand that the guns or access to the guns did not cause this horrendous crime. A sick mind, phycotropic drugs and violent video games led to this disaster. Every day I read comments saying how evil guns are, how evil gun owners are, how guns made this freak do this unspeakable act. They use one of the rights to call us names, call for us to be imprisoned, call for our deaths. Yet they think nothing of violating the right that we as gun owners exercise. Shall we call for a ban on their speech? Shall we demand that these death wishes and desires for our deaths to be dealt with in the harshest terms?

A fucked up individual violated 20,000 gun laws and and several moral codes yet legal, responsible gun owners will be made to pay for his heinous actions.

They keep fucking with us and a hard steel rain will indeed fall.

Thanks to Zoomie for the graphics.

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RangerNick said...

Do some investigating for yourself, watch the media vids on you tube and check out what the 'survivors and their parents' are saying and how they are 'acting', it was a fake. Think Robin Sage/Pineland were some civilians do role playing during SF training.