Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jobs Game.

OK Jay, I'll play along!

I've held all of these jobs but one. Can you guess which one I have not held? Answer in the comments.

shrimp peddler

Oilfield service laborer

Sewer line laborer

heavy equipment operator

asphalt laborer

construction laborer

maintenance supervisor

construction manager

power plant construction manager

pharmacist assistant

meat cutter

gun dealer

bell ringer coordinator

bell ringer

pawnshop salesman

Can you figure it out?


Jay G said...

Meat cutter?

Dean Carder said...

Nope. Try again please.

michigan doug said...

ok. i'll guess shrimp peddler.

Dean Carder said...

try again doug.

Anonymous said...

Bell ringer

Anonymous said...

Pharmacist Assistant