Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whew! That's enough of that. worked a couple hours at my Dad's which is a 62 mile round trip, then came home to mow lawns. I usually mow the visible stuff with the "push" mower to get a real nice look and mow everything else with the rider. CRAP! The rider wouldn't start. Mow the customers yard completely with the "push" mower and my front as well. Twisted my bad knee once and the same leg ankle twice. FTH!! Yea, that's what I said. What a bunch of crap, I mowed yards as a kid and here I am again mowing yards.
I start building a roof over a porch on Monday. I figure with My brothers help this will be a 3 day job and then back to my Dad's place to finish the living room. Crap, it's a bitch not having a real job. I am trying to make this kind of stuff my "real" job. I've had enough of working for people and companies that don't give a rat's ass about me.

I haven't heard anything new about the take over of Hardin, Montana. If the reports coming out of there are true, the Governor needs to send in the State's Guard to remove the APF from the city and imprison the leaders of that company.

I keep hearing the economy is getting better. Show me the the money! The car lots are not replenishing the lots after the cash for clunkers ordeal, the Wal-Mart lot is still mostly vacant, the Dollar Store and Aldi business is booming, monthly unemployment rolls are still growing exponentially, houses are getting repo'd at an enormous rate and the foreclosure auctions are growing every week and no one is hiring. What's better?

This weekend we're goin' to a swap meet we've never attended before. Try to sell our stuff and make a few dollars. Maybe I can find a lamp or something, maybe a generator or God forbid, a gun. I love swap meets!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Montana Town Invaded.

Steve Quayle has broken a story that should cause anger among all freedom loving Americans. Evidently a private security firm called American Police Force has, in essence, taken over the town of Hardin, Montana. APF has a contract to fill an empty detention facility near Hardin and now are patrolling Hardin with Hardin city logos on their vehicles. They are telling the town folk that they have lists of all privately owned firearms and all firearms must be brought in to Headquarters to be "tagged". The Governor has stated that no one will confiscate food, firearms or property of any Montana Citizen. Oh, and the APF personel have a decidedly Russian accent.

I recommend everyone be very pissed off at this gross violation of state sovereignty, civil rights and a host of other rights and laws.

Cool Bike, Fall and Winter preps

I was over at Tam's place this morning and she had a link to some awesome old bicycles today. That sure brought back some memories. When I was a kid I was in the hospital for a tonsillectomy and when I got home I had a shiny new red bike waiting for me. Wow! Now we couldn't afford a Schwinn Stingray, but that was the coolest thing I ever had. Then Christmas came. Under the tree I found a sparkly vinyl banana seat, a chrome hi-rise sissy bar, apehanger handlebars, and a fat slick back tire! How cool was that? All parts were installed and I became the coolest kid in the neighborhood. I took great pride in the length of the black stripes I could lay in front of the house after flying down the street and lockin' up the brake. Hell, come time for the Jesse James Days festival I took first in the bicycle race. Not bad for a fat kid. Thanks folks!

Well, we had our first taste of Fall last night and this morning... low's in the low 40's and some places made it down to the high 30's. My kind of weather is comin' up! I love cool, cold weather. Add in some snow, sleet, freezing rain and I'm in hog heaven. Call me a freak but that's the way I am.. The worse it is the better I like it. I hope for a lot of snow this winter so I can cash in on the residential snow removal gig. Move over kids! Oh, that's right. Kids are too lazy to clear snow for cash now. Good for me. I found a place that had New Old Stock snow blades to fit my discontinued Cub Cadet 1330 for 400 dollars new in the box. They also had NOS bare mower decks which I need. Now I only need some cash. I need to knock together a winter shelter for the Cub if I plan to use it this winter.

Last night I listed all the things we need to do before winter sets in. Repair all the oil lamps, get more lamp oil, get an Aladdin style lamp, get spares for all the lamps, insulate the utility room floor, get more kerosene in stock, things like that. I keep hearing that natural gas prices are going to spike this winter so I want to augment our ng heat with the kerosene heater and the the Sun Heat electric furnace. If the lights go out from a broken limb or excessive ice we will have rudimentary heat. Ideally we need a generator so we can run the actual furnace in a power outage. What do you think Cherry Pie?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Food, TOSITPC and winter

Sunday Morning.........PANCAKES! Cherry Pie asked for my home made pancakes for breakfast this morning. MMMM good. Last night we took a couple to dinner at out favorite Mexican joint call El Sombrero. Had a great time. I had( and will have it Monday also) the burrito spread (3 different burritos covered in Mexican chili and longhorn cheese), CP had a mixed plate, He had 4 carnitas tacos and She had a burrito. This is truly the best Mexican food I have ever eaten and I've lived in Texas and been to Mexico.

I have said many times that The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair is not eligible to hold that office. Here is some more evidence that he is not eligible by way of state certification or more properly by way of LACK of state certification. The hits just keep rollin' in.

As busy as I have been this week I haven't done a thing to increase our family preparedness. What have you done? Hopefully more than I have. One thing I do need to do is work on that list of things we need to do before winter sets in. Stock more kerosene, lamp oil and wicks, repair the lamps and get an Aladdin style lamp. Insulate the utility room floor, and put in a door leading to the hallway to the stairs as the upstairs is basically unheated and we lose a lot of the warm air to that area. The Almanac and weather forecasters are calling for a cold winter so get prepared for that.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A hanging, a cutting and some living

The authorities are looking for the individual that hung Bill Sparkman, a part time Census worker. Sparkmans body was found hanged in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Officials say they are looking for someone with anti-government sentiment. Anti-government sentiment? In the Appalachians and Blue Mountains? Does the word "revenuer" come to mind? There has been anti-government feelings in that area since before the Revolutionary war! Those are the folks that RAN to fight the people that wanted to tax them, take away their arms and deny them their freedom. And if the investigators are looking for someone with anti-government feelings they won't have to look hard these days.


The USG always has our best interests in mind, don't they? In order to help dam up the leaking southern border our government is going to remove 384 Border Agents! There are currently over 1300 miles of southern border that are not protected and the staff, as it is now, has caught hundreds of illegals as well as a few folks with evil on their mind. So now, the authorities with all their wisdom are going to cut the number of agent in the south and increase the number in the north. I say make All federal legisltors live on the border and put up with the human trafficking, the drugs, the gunfire, the theft, destruction and kidnapping for at least a year before they are eligible to vote on any laws or budgets for the border patrol


There is a large group of people living below ground, under Las Vegas. This isn't some high tech low impact type of experiment. This is people that feel they have no other choice at this time. Most make their money by searching the local casinos for unclaimed credit on the slots. The real astounding thing is that their home is the flood drains under the city. Do these folks realize what a flood is and what the drains intended to do. I worked underground for many years and know how cool it can be and if you are doing it on the sly how cheap it could be to live in but, these are storm drains intended to carry away massive amounts of water, from desert flash floods, in a short amount of time. I know times are hard, but.......


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cookin' your stuff and usin' your tools.

We are having beautiful weather here in the Midwest. 50's and low 60's at night and never out of the 70 during the day. Even with the nice weather my side money is going to dry up as soon as the grass goes dormant. I guess I'll hope for a lot of snow this winter and put the garden tractor to work.
I have written many times about storing food for the future. One thing I keep forgetting to say is make sure you know how to cook what you store. At this time we store rice, beans, sugar, flour and spices. Tonight for supper I made redbeans and rice with cornbread and blackened chicken breasts. With the exception of the chicken everything I cooked is the same as what we store. And I do plan to start stocking freeze dried chicken and beef so that will take care of that issue.

If I'm going to do residential snow removal this winter, I need to find a blade for my old Cub Cadet mower. There's a place outside of town I need to visit with about this. Maybe they can help me figure out a way to mount a plow to this critter. With a blade, plow and a couple of other garden attachments then I'll be cooking with gas. This brings up another If the power goes out for an extended amount of time, how will you cope with everyday problems? Can you operate a hammer, shovel, handsaw or any other common hand tools and implements? For that matter can you repair or build things with those tools? Tools are like guns...they're no good without skills.

Well, the ersatz president had another stab at badmouthing American today. This time in front of the entire UN assembly. Way to go dude! Spew your crap all around the world on the great apology tour and then do it again for the entire assemblage of the worlds leaders. It makes me proud to have NOT supported this guy in any way, shape or form. Come on 2012!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Troops On The Street? What about Posse Comitatus?

For the second time this week I've read about posse comitatus violations. The first was in Kingman Arizona and the second was in Kentucky. In both locations the troops were asked why they were there and all responded...helping the police. A undisclosed police officer claimed that the nation guard was on the street because the PD was short of funds and cutting back on officers. WTF? We can violate the Constitution by replacing cops with soldiers but we can't put the troops in the most dangerous place in the US, the southern border and put a halt to an invasion? In all cases the mayors, police chiefs and military commanders need to brought up on charges of violating the civil rights of the entire populace of the affected cities. More and more we are seeing train killers (soldiers) filling in for or assisting police. Totally unconstitutional! These acts are proof positive that the common man needs to take this country back and restore a Constitutional government. All mayors, police chiefs, city attorneys, prosecuting attorneys and judges need to attend a remedial class in Constitutional Law. 2010 is coming up. Replace everyone of the SOB's in the House and Senate. Every effin' one of 'em.

Firearms Safety? Not!

How do you teach firearms safety to someone? By holding the gun to your head and pulling the trigger? Of course not. All logic and reason says don't do that. I guess this guy had no logic or reason. Now he's out of the gene pool, hopefully there are no progeny that may carry his lack of intelligence. What did this do to the mental state of the girl friend he was "teaching". The article says he "accidentally" shot himself in the head. Let's see...He intentionally loaded the gun, he intentionally held the gun to his head, he intentionally pulled the trigger. Sounds intentional to me.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Open Carry for All

I haven't done any postings for the last coupla days as I haven't seen anything that really floated my boat. Obama did this and Obama did that. The stock market did this and the stock market did that. So what! I'm still unemployed along with about a jillion other folks and 4 or 5 million more join us every month. Real Estate is cheap but I can't afford to get out of my old house cause no one can afford to buy my old house. Hey, at least food's gettin' cheaper but gas is gettin' higher. Whew! Enough of that crap!

It's mowing day tomorrow and it's RAINING again. Oh, well. I'll go up to my Dads' place and do some painting and try get my mower through the jungle on Wednesday, maybe.

I shot my little .45 last week and it had several failure to feed malf's. Tap, Tap, Rack, Boom. Several times. I brought it home disassembled tha' darn thing, cleaned everthing, lubed all the needed parts and then unloaded both the mags and let the springs relax for a few days. I've been carrying the XD 45 Tactical for the time being. I'll try the little one out this week and see if any thing improved. One mag is a Chip Mcormick and the other is a Novak. Never had any probs of any sort with this gun so I'm hoping it was just a little dry from all the carrying it gets. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

I just assembled the shot gun I've been working on. It sure looks purty to me. Stealth gray Dura Coat, Ebony stained forend and a black Pachymar pistol grip. It sure is sharp.

Here's a little good news... A Federal Judge has ruled that cops can't stop someone from open carry of a firearm. Let's see how long that takes to get around to all the towns that are illegally preempting states law. Just in my area I can think Of North Kansas City and a couple of others that deny the right to open carry. I need to check the municipal ordinances here in my humble little burg as I have heard some plain STUPID stories about how our PD handles open carry(which is legal in Missouri). Check out in the forum section for some interesting stories about open carry. We'll see how that plays with Missouri's compromise. In order to get the concealed carry bill passed they had to add the provision that if a business didn't want someone to carry concealed in their store all they had to do was post a sign on the front door stating "NO firearms Allowed". Some have stretched it by having a sign that states "NO Weapons Allowed" Maybe that's because Missouri's CCL law is really a CCW law. Concealed Carry Weapon law, Aha! My son lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The moment he turned 21 he applied for his CCL. Later, the local PD got in trouble for harassing a man that was open carrying (legal by state law). He contacted the States Attorney General and he contacted the Mayor and Police Chief and now, there's no problem with open carry in VB. My son says he now carries open more than concealed. Do you have an open carry story you'd like to tell? Post it in the comments section if you please. Let us know how you exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Healthy Illegals. Michelle goes shoppin'

Mr. Wannabe President said in his big forceful speach that illegal aliens would NOT get health coverage under his healthcare plan. Pundits and myself said, hmmmm, I bet he plans to make the illegals legal then give them health care. Gosh how prescient could we be.

Ever had a hankerin' for some fresh veggies and run to the farmers market to git ya some? M'lady Obama had that urge and after a convoy was arranged, streets closed down, the press notified, stores searched and all regular customers driven away, the queen hopped in her armoured limo and sashayed to the market. Do you think she has a case of imimportantitis? Or maybe a severe case of lookyatmeism. The Royalty has arrived. Fer crying out loud she has 26 freaking assistants and a kitchen staff as well as certified, cleared suppliers that take care of this kinda crap. If she needs to get out, let her volunteer at a soup kitchen and see how the po' folk eat.

According to this report the ammo shortage is coming to an end. I sure do hope so. I'm nearly out of 45 acp and feel the need to improve my stocks of other calibers. The report has other good info as well so take a good read.

I tried to trade my 2001 Chevy 1500 extended cab 2 wheel drive truck for a 1998 Chevy Tahoe 1500 4x4. Three years older 11,000 more miles and they thought I was trying to trade UP! Same interior level, same mechanical level, and they said the 4 wheel function was the difference in price. Complete bullshit! I told 'em good luck selling to the next guy. And I mean that, 'cause they aren't sellin' it to me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crocadile tears.

Most esteemed asshat, speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi nearly came to tears when saying that the peaceful conservative backlash is similar to the anti-gay violence of the 1970's San Francisco that culminated in the death of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk.
Does this power hungry diva think that the people that are upset with the out of control budget, unemployment and a host of other government maladies, who have had thousands of peaceful, non-violent meetings, are out to get her? Who would waste their time on that vapid bitch?

Whew! I got the shotgun sandblasted and coated today and it looks great! The metal is Stealth Gray and the stocks are black. I can't wait to assemble it. Then on to the test fire stage.

Man, I gotta quit spending dough on gun stuff and get the HD fixed. The cheaper project will be the leaking base gaskets. Then comes the expensive part...the transmission. I really need a job. When I do the base gaskets I'll take the cylinders to 10 thousandths over and install new pistons and rings as well as the gaskets. I think I'm gonna' take this on myself. Then comes the El Camino and that one's goin' to the shop. It has an intermittent electrical problem that fries an 80 dollar coil every couple of days. I've got over 5 grand in this motor and I really need to get it goin' before it seizes. I love them El Camino's. This is the fourth style I've had. 1967, 1968, 1975, and this one is a 1983. I don't know why I keep gettin' rid of 'em. Let's see, Dad and uncle Tom hopped up the '68 while I was in the hospital and wrecked it on the test drive. Dad bought me the '67 to replace the '68. I drove that one for several years and two motors then traded for a real pickup truck. Now I see that the '67's in good shape are pretty pricey. I felt that urge and bought the '75 a few years later and I don't remember what became of that one. Then I HAD to have a car and fell into the '83. The gas line broke on the way home one day and toasted the engine bay, so I installed a motor I had started a while before. It runs good when it runs. Life goes on.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racist, Racist, Racist, Racist, Racist

With everyone on the left side of the fence calling everyone on the right side of the fence as well as some fence sitters, a racist, the word is quickly losing it's power. If you don't agree with the pres, it's racist. If you don't like the proposed health plan, it's racist. If you disagree with the escalating budget, you're a racist. If you call the pres a liar, you, sir, are a racist AND will cause folks to start wearing white hoods. Even an wishy washy do gooder ex-pres says if you disagree with the current pres you are a racist. Don't like green beans, you might be a racist. See what I mean? Man, I had to get that off my chest. Oh crap, is that racist?

Tomorrow is the big day. I'll sandblast the shotgun and apply the Duracoat. That takes 3 freakin' weeks to cure. Three freakin' weeks. Oh, by the way, if you want to apply this kind of coating, check out Sherwin Williams Polane T coating (hint,hint). The receiver is separated from the barrel and magazine and all internals are removed. Holes plugged and mating surfaces are covered. Ready, set, go.

The Ogre has been talking up Zombie Oil for firearms. When it's available I think I'll order some and give it a try on a few of my, er, playthings. We'll see how that slick stuff works.

Even though Bernanke says the recession is over, I can still look forward to several years of crap before things get better. Oh boy, I can hardly wait. More of no jobs, more of no money, more of asshats running our lives, then getting exchanged for a different bunch of asshats to run our lives. We need a REAL change in this country. We need to get back to a true Constitutional form of government. And we need it pdq. A paid for shack in the sticks, with no need for any type of .gov is looking better all the time. If the real estate market was better I'd sell my old house and migrate to Idaho, Montana, Arizona, someplace with less intrusion in my personal life. Let me make ALL my own decisions, pay my own debts, pick my own doctor, buy what guns I want, do what I want to do as long as it doesn't harm my "neighbors". Being accountable for any wrongs I do goes along with all of that also. Hell, split the country into 2 portions, Pro Constitution on one side and everyone else on the other side. I'd gladly move to the "right"side.

Monday, September 14, 2009

In Memorium.

Sorry for the light posting. I have been working at my Dad's and have been tired, busy with home chores and without Internet service again.

When I did get the Internet back tonight, I read with sorrow that Memsahib, AKA Linda Rawles, has passed. Please keep James and his family in your thoughts. James has tirelessly give thousand of postings to the survivalist community but has not asked for anything in return even at this moment.

Given the need to save for the sales taxes on the newest car, we haven't done any thing to up our preparedness inventory except put a little cash in the safe. I have given up on buying books for their entertainment value but borrow them from the library instead. The only books that I actually buy all deal with medical knowledge, guns, how-to, homesteading, building and things of that nature.

Can you work on your own vehicles? A lot of newer cars make it difficult to do your own wrenchin'. If you have some aptitude, there are a lot of things you can do yourself. Change the oil, rotate the tires, check and adjust the fluid levels, change a tire , change the filters, change the spark plugs. With a little planning and shopping you can save big buck with diy auto maintenance and repair. Last week my brother and I changed the front springs on our vehicles. 150 bucks for the springs was the total cost. A shop would have added 30-50% to the parts cost, added in a set of lower ball joints at about 80 dollars and charged 2-3 hours shop labor at 85 bucks per hour. Then add the "environmental fee", the expendables fee and sales tax and your looking at something north of 550 dollars. That's a lot of incentive to work on your own vehicle. I personally have changed brakes, axle bearings, u-joints, axle shaft u-joints, transmissions, engines, axles, differentials, heater cores, converted the a/c from r-12 to r-34 (and got offered a job in the process), changed body panels, replaced water and power steering pumps, replaced radiators and alternators, added electrical accessories, repaired floor pans, wired for trailer lights, made trailer hitches, mounted tires, changed camshafts and done all my own tune-ups. And I'm not a mechanic. Nor was I mechanically inclined as a kid. I cannot fathom the money I have saved by doing all this myself. One of these days I'll tell you what I've done in the home repair/building arena. So we come to this, as I have asked before, what can you do?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Article 10, baloney? So Says David Shuster, MSNBC

David Shuster, mouthpiece for MSNBC, says that the 10th amendment claims by the various states is "baloney". He then points out that Article 1, Section 8 comes before Article 1, Section 10. By the end of his tirade he coins the the new disparaging term "tenthers" as in "truthers" and "birthers" . Now the leftist regime has a new nasty gram to throw at constitutionalists that want a return to government run like the constitution points out. Here's a little item for David, Section 8 also requires the government to "coin" money and regulate "coin" and of foreign "coin". They have broken that portion of the 8th. Section 10 backs up section 8 by saying that the states shall accept none but gold and silver coin as tender. Back to the 8th, it also states that the government shall punish piracy on the high seas. We've pretty much ignored that one lately. Oh yeah, there was that ONE instance. In the same vein the government is to issue letters of marque and they don't do that. The same 8th also says that armies and the money for them shall not exceed 2 years. How do you get a 4 or 6 year enlistment in a 2 year army? If we look at other portions of the constitution and the bill of rights we see that the government is cherry picking the portions they want to use and bend to their will. If Shuster wants to claim the 8th takes precedence over the 10 then he should demand that the 8th be adhered to fully. Not used for specific paragraphs. Legally speaking, a contract broken on one side is broken on all sides. The USG violates the 2 amendment in a gross manner, ignored Article 4 section 4, they are working on violating the third amendment, as well as the modern version of the 4th amendment, violated a portion of the 5th amendment, violated a portion of the 6th amendment, violated the 8th amendment, discredited the 10th amendment and falsified information to get the 16th amendment installed. I would definitely call that broken. For an exercise, I intentionally left out any links to the constitutional reference so you would have to actually read The Constitution to get the info.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Regulatory Czar wants to regulate. Rangers to the Rescue

New Czar want sliding scale on rights?

Chairman Maobamas new regulatory czar, Sunstein, wants a sliding scale applied to the 1st amendment. He also thinks the 2nd amendment is about hunting. Where do they keep coming up with these asshats? First, all rights are applied equally to ALL citizens. No sliding scale needed thanks to intelligent, educated forefathers. Secondly, The Second Amendment is not about hunting(as all the libs and progun-gun controllers claim) but about preventing a tyranny from appearing from the ashes of a broken republic. Think about that, why goes the government want to control guns. Is it about safety of the citizens or safety of the tyrants. Once again what barrel are they scrappin'' these morons out of?

The federal government has blatantly refused to take control of our Southern border despite the pleas from US Citizens that live in that combat zone. Well, Texas ain't takin' it anymore. The Governor of the Great State of Texas is dispatching the Texas Rangers to help the pitiful efforts of the USG. If I remember correctly, Arizona has their own band of Rangers. I wonder if they're reading the playbook of the Texas Team. And what about the other border states? Will they pitch in to reclaim what the racist militant Hispanic groups such as La Raza (the race) are are claiming as reconqista? What the current rate of illegal entry equates to is a silent invasion of sovereign territory supported and encourage by those RMHG's.

The storms are movin' in, the storms are movin' in. They're calling for a stormy weekend around here...again. At least I've got some inside work to do Saturday and if I get done early enough, there's .....a demolition derby to take Cherry Pie to. She luuuves those things. Is that redneck or whut? She likes mud pit races too. What a woman! Now if I could just get her to shoot.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What do you carry. DuraCoat.

I made plans with my brother to team up on installing front springs in his Suburban and my truck today. After a earlyish morning, breakfast, news, shower and put the dogs in the kennel. I left. Brother called to ask me to locate a puller type ball joint remover so we didn't damage the balljoints with the tuning fork style separator. NO LUCK. We did get both of them done though. Finally started around noonish and finished around 5:30 pee em. Now I'm beat. All I have to do now as the funds become available is get a front end alignment and a new left front tire.

I don't think I'll be able to put anything in the storage system this week. I blew my wad on some Duracoat materials and a stock for a gun I'm working on. I'm anxious to see how this coating turns out. It's a matte grey and I'm going to sandblast the barrel and action prior to the coating process. I'm thinkin' it'll be sssweeet. I understand the coating isn't fully cured to at least 3 weeks but can be assembled and handled with in 24 hours. Any one out there with any experience using the Duracoat coatings? Leave a comment if you have or know anyone who has used it.

What do you carry? I carry one or more folding knives and a Rock Island Armoury Officers size 1911 .45. The backup is a Taurus PT-22 One spare mag for each but I want a double mag case for the 45. Leave your carry comments in, of course, the comment section.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The One Acting As President is talking about..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, snort, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


Rain, Rain, Rain, Sun, Rain, Rain. All the rain sure makes it hard to do the things I'm tryin' to do.
Mowin', carpentry. All rain outs. I sure do hate this globull warming. I went ahead and mowed but I'll need to go back tomorrow and rake up all the mounds of grass. What joy! At least it'll be cool.

I have seen a couple of sites that link to a story about a million guns being sold in August but none of the links work. Anyway GOOD WORK! Keep on buyin'! I'm saving to get a sweet SIG P238. I'm jonesin' in a major way for one. Then I just have to find some .380 ammo. I've always wanted a Colt Mustang but those things are even higher than the Sig.

Are you stockin' up on all the goodies ? Beans 'n rice, corn 'n wheat, those kinda things? Oh and bullets and bandaids, don't forget those.

I'm tired. Later folks.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knives and stuff


I have been carrying a knife since I was about 4 years old. Over the years I have carried many brands, styles and sizes. I am a unorganized collector of whatever knife strikes my fancy. I give knives as gifts as I think everyone should have at least 1 good knife. When I find a good sale at Smokey Mountain Knife Works I buy one for me and send the same to my son. My wife carries a tiny pink Spyderco in her purse and finds that , one , it comes in very handy in even an office setting and two, everyone that sees her use it is amazed that a woman has a knife and uses it. It must be growing on her because I just received 2 CRKT SideHawg 3 blades and she finds 'em cute and now wants one for her purse! In my view everyone should have a folding knife in or on their pocket. I personally carry a Schrade X-Timer and my son carries a Victorinox Tinker. I also have an Applegate FairbairnFairbairn that I carry alternately. I also carry on occasion a AFCK. Folks, that thing is scary sharp. I know for a fact. I cut the tip of my thumb off with it and never felt it. I perfer Cold Steel knives for the fixed blade as well as the good'ol K-BAR. My favorite fixed blade is a Cold Steel Recon Tanto. It has a thick blade with good weight to it, a rubberized grip and and edge that could cut your arm off. My main hunting knife is a Cold Steel Master Hunter. I have dressed out as many as 8 deer before needing a touch up on the edge.
Brands I like.
Cold Steel

Schrade...sadly, they went out of business in 2006 but can still be found.
United... for some excellent value priced item. I have 3 Harley branded United knives with a cryogenically treated blade and they are great.
Do your self a favor and get a free subscription to the
Smokey Mountain Knifeworks catalogs as they have a huge inventory and many outstanding sales that can't be beat even by Wally World
There are a lot of great knives out there these days, so look around and find one that suits your purposes and pocketbook.

I recently wrote about the need for three packs and later provided a link for a list of recommended contents. A reader of sent in a letter with this list for a 24 hour kit as well as a 3 day kit and a list for a 2 month supply of food for two. Take a look at it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Breaking News!!!!

This just in. Reportedly, Nobamas Environmental Czar, Van Jones, is handing in his resignation. Once again one of the Chairman's hand picked apostates has stuck his foot in his mouth. The only thing diffent is Jones had the chutzpa to actually resign. I guess sayin' bad things about Republicans is lots worse than not paying your taxes. Who woulda guessed? One Czar down 43 to go.

What to prepare For?

With all the talk, shows, blogs, books and articles about preparedness you might wonder what do I need to prepare for ? Depending on where you live, work, travel you will have different things you'll prepare for. Pick you favorite or try to prepare for an overall situation., water, clothes, tools, first aid, emergency money, weather radio, generator, gas, water, tape, tools, information/communications, relocation plans, weapons, ammo, first aid, emergency money, generator, gas

Civil Unrest/ mob rule...weapons, ammo, food, water, information/communication, first aid

Pandemic... Food, water, first aid, natural healing items, vitamins, white suits, face masks, information

I think you get the idea. Decide what you need to prepare for and gear up for that thing. Gear is not a panacea. You have to add skill, knowledge and information to the gear to make it work right. Looking at the list above you see that many of the needs overlap. That's a good thing as it lets you get a head start on preparing for something else. That list is in no means complete but it gives a real good starting place.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Taurus PT-22

At risk of repeating myself, I'll review the Taurus PT22 today.
Taurus brought this pocket size semi auto to market in 1992. This pocket dandy has a double action trigger and a blowback action. Trigger pull is around 6 pounds and the pistol itself is 12.5 ounces. To get around the common complaint of people having difficulty retracting the slide on small pistols, Taurus fitted this gun with a tip up barrel. The safety is a frame mounted trigger locking style. Magazine capacity is 10 rounds and I have heard of others having an 8 round capacity. The mini barrel is 2.75 inches. So much for all the technicals.

The sample I have has proven reliable and surprisingly accurate for such a small gun. I have on numerous occasions at a range of 7 yards, kept 10 shots rapid fire in a 6 inch group. Slow fire shrinks that to about 3 inches. Not bad for a barrel less than 3 inches in length. Taurus has an outstanding Lifetime warranty that follows the gun not the owner. I bought mine used, with a cracked slide. I called Taurus and they said send it in they would fix it. The gun came back with a case, a new magazine AND a gun with a new slide on it. I was very pleased with Taurus. I seldom leave my house with out this beauty in my back pocket. This gun comes in a wide range of colors and finishes. As far as I am concerned, this is a great buy for anyone on a budget and anyone looking of a great little pocket pistol.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

FEMA and Fugate. A little quizz

Yesterday I commented on the .gov's new site called . This morning I found this article on the new FEMA Director, Craig Fugate. Fugate may be a breathe of fresh air in the stagnant environs of FEMA. He has come out and admitted that that agency has made mistakes and one of the biggest is probably not making clear the agencies position and mandate. He says that in an emergency the first responder should not be FEMA but, your next door neighbor. Fugate is traveling with HS Director Janet Napolitano to New Orleans to meet with that bunch of "Help me's". Hopefully he'll make the position clear that the chain of responsibility is the individual, then the community then the city followed by the county or parish and then the state and finally the USG. This Fugate has made his entire life a study of emergency preparedness. Starting as a fire fighter and paramedic then moving to offices of emergency management until climbing to the Director of Florida Emergency Management. And he has now been tapped to lead the struggling FEMA agency. Now get this, he's done it without the benefit of a college education. Crap! I can't get a lousy construction managers job anymore without a project management degree or a maintenance manager position without an engineering degree. Maybe this guy will also break the "sheepskin ceiling" as well as remodeling FEMA.

I spoke with my brother this afternoon and we're going to start putting together compact survival kits encased in ammo cans. I figure a price point of about 50 bucks for a can stocked with temporary shelter, fire supplies, water treatment tablets,possibly a water filter, ration bars, light source, fishing tackle, knife and other items will make a good kit to keep in the vehicle. I'll keep this project updated and as soon as we can get it together I'll post ordering info on this site.

I've got a fairly lazy day planned for Friday so maybe I can get the next post up before 9 or 10 pe em. Today's quiz...What's the difference between a lawn mower muffler and a suppressor?

Not using a muffler will get you a noise ordinance violation. Using the suppressor without government approval will get you 5-10 in Club Fed. How's that for f'd up?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preparedness by .gov, bug out!, 26 what? and flu tips

The United States Government is once again, entering the preparedness fray. They have a new site at and on it they encourage every one to research what kinds of disasters could happen in their locality and take steps to prepare for them. Hey, that sounds like good advise. Research, plan, be ready. What a concept! Here is a link to a list of 101 things to stock up on for bartering in an extended emergency. A lot of that list is stuff that you should stock up on for your own uses. Tonight we loaded the "new" car with Cherry Pies' B.O.B and assorted supplies so that she will be prepared on the road and at work.

If you have plans to relocate at a distant location in the vent of a major event, do you really want to be driving around with a veritable fortune in supplies? You can look into renting a storage unit along your intended travel route or even near your final location to keep the majority of your goods in. Take along the basics and pick up your major supplies as you travel. Just be sure to have a security detail on watch when you're are unloading the storage unit. Oh, be sure to pay the unit fees so your life source is not auctioned off to the highest bidder. You can store you goods at your retreat but how do you keep them secure when you're hours away? Given enough time anything can be broken into. Think what a tempting target a locked barn or shipping container would make for the "local" yahoos. Especially if there's no one home for days or weeks on end.

Most First Ladies have had 1 or even 2 assistants. The current First"Lady" has at this time Twenty freakin' Six assistants! 26! And according to Chris Matthews, if you disagree with her having that many helpers, you are, get this, a RACIST. The liberals sure are throwing the R word around a lot lately. While we're at it, Maobama's Green Czar Van Jones says the Republicans are assholes. That may be true in some cases but does one of the appointees of the so called President need to be making these kinds of remarks?

Midweek already. I think I'll try to get some miscellaneous items for storage this weekend. Toiletry items probably. Razors, soap, various OTC stuff, feminine hygiene, things of that nature. Speaking of being prepared... With all the Swine Flu going around and forcast to be a major health event, get yourself a bottle or two of P73 Oil of Oregano. This stuff is GREAT. Tastes bad works, like a charm. We will be getting a new bottle this weekend. Cherry has contact with walkins every day and one of her co workers has 2 or 3 school age kids that come in contact with a chain of thousands of people. So the potential is there for her to come in contact with the bug. She started her defense today with a morning drop of oregano under the tongue. Come to think of it some colloidal silver would be a good thing to have also.