Friday, September 11, 2009

Regulatory Czar wants to regulate. Rangers to the Rescue

New Czar want sliding scale on rights?

Chairman Maobamas new regulatory czar, Sunstein, wants a sliding scale applied to the 1st amendment. He also thinks the 2nd amendment is about hunting. Where do they keep coming up with these asshats? First, all rights are applied equally to ALL citizens. No sliding scale needed thanks to intelligent, educated forefathers. Secondly, The Second Amendment is not about hunting(as all the libs and progun-gun controllers claim) but about preventing a tyranny from appearing from the ashes of a broken republic. Think about that, why goes the government want to control guns. Is it about safety of the citizens or safety of the tyrants. Once again what barrel are they scrappin'' these morons out of?

The federal government has blatantly refused to take control of our Southern border despite the pleas from US Citizens that live in that combat zone. Well, Texas ain't takin' it anymore. The Governor of the Great State of Texas is dispatching the Texas Rangers to help the pitiful efforts of the USG. If I remember correctly, Arizona has their own band of Rangers. I wonder if they're reading the playbook of the Texas Team. And what about the other border states? Will they pitch in to reclaim what the racist militant Hispanic groups such as La Raza (the race) are are claiming as reconqista? What the current rate of illegal entry equates to is a silent invasion of sovereign territory supported and encourage by those RMHG's.

The storms are movin' in, the storms are movin' in. They're calling for a stormy weekend around here...again. At least I've got some inside work to do Saturday and if I get done early enough, there's .....a demolition derby to take Cherry Pie to. She luuuves those things. Is that redneck or whut? She likes mud pit races too. What a woman! Now if I could just get her to shoot.

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