Monday, September 21, 2009

Open Carry for All

I haven't done any postings for the last coupla days as I haven't seen anything that really floated my boat. Obama did this and Obama did that. The stock market did this and the stock market did that. So what! I'm still unemployed along with about a jillion other folks and 4 or 5 million more join us every month. Real Estate is cheap but I can't afford to get out of my old house cause no one can afford to buy my old house. Hey, at least food's gettin' cheaper but gas is gettin' higher. Whew! Enough of that crap!

It's mowing day tomorrow and it's RAINING again. Oh, well. I'll go up to my Dads' place and do some painting and try get my mower through the jungle on Wednesday, maybe.

I shot my little .45 last week and it had several failure to feed malf's. Tap, Tap, Rack, Boom. Several times. I brought it home disassembled tha' darn thing, cleaned everthing, lubed all the needed parts and then unloaded both the mags and let the springs relax for a few days. I've been carrying the XD 45 Tactical for the time being. I'll try the little one out this week and see if any thing improved. One mag is a Chip Mcormick and the other is a Novak. Never had any probs of any sort with this gun so I'm hoping it was just a little dry from all the carrying it gets. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

I just assembled the shot gun I've been working on. It sure looks purty to me. Stealth gray Dura Coat, Ebony stained forend and a black Pachymar pistol grip. It sure is sharp.

Here's a little good news... A Federal Judge has ruled that cops can't stop someone from open carry of a firearm. Let's see how long that takes to get around to all the towns that are illegally preempting states law. Just in my area I can think Of North Kansas City and a couple of others that deny the right to open carry. I need to check the municipal ordinances here in my humble little burg as I have heard some plain STUPID stories about how our PD handles open carry(which is legal in Missouri). Check out in the forum section for some interesting stories about open carry. We'll see how that plays with Missouri's compromise. In order to get the concealed carry bill passed they had to add the provision that if a business didn't want someone to carry concealed in their store all they had to do was post a sign on the front door stating "NO firearms Allowed". Some have stretched it by having a sign that states "NO Weapons Allowed" Maybe that's because Missouri's CCL law is really a CCW law. Concealed Carry Weapon law, Aha! My son lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The moment he turned 21 he applied for his CCL. Later, the local PD got in trouble for harassing a man that was open carrying (legal by state law). He contacted the States Attorney General and he contacted the Mayor and Police Chief and now, there's no problem with open carry in VB. My son says he now carries open more than concealed. Do you have an open carry story you'd like to tell? Post it in the comments section if you please. Let us know how you exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.

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