Thursday, September 17, 2009

Crocadile tears.

Most esteemed asshat, speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi nearly came to tears when saying that the peaceful conservative backlash is similar to the anti-gay violence of the 1970's San Francisco that culminated in the death of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk.
Does this power hungry diva think that the people that are upset with the out of control budget, unemployment and a host of other government maladies, who have had thousands of peaceful, non-violent meetings, are out to get her? Who would waste their time on that vapid bitch?

Whew! I got the shotgun sandblasted and coated today and it looks great! The metal is Stealth Gray and the stocks are black. I can't wait to assemble it. Then on to the test fire stage.

Man, I gotta quit spending dough on gun stuff and get the HD fixed. The cheaper project will be the leaking base gaskets. Then comes the expensive part...the transmission. I really need a job. When I do the base gaskets I'll take the cylinders to 10 thousandths over and install new pistons and rings as well as the gaskets. I think I'm gonna' take this on myself. Then comes the El Camino and that one's goin' to the shop. It has an intermittent electrical problem that fries an 80 dollar coil every couple of days. I've got over 5 grand in this motor and I really need to get it goin' before it seizes. I love them El Camino's. This is the fourth style I've had. 1967, 1968, 1975, and this one is a 1983. I don't know why I keep gettin' rid of 'em. Let's see, Dad and uncle Tom hopped up the '68 while I was in the hospital and wrecked it on the test drive. Dad bought me the '67 to replace the '68. I drove that one for several years and two motors then traded for a real pickup truck. Now I see that the '67's in good shape are pretty pricey. I felt that urge and bought the '75 a few years later and I don't remember what became of that one. Then I HAD to have a car and fell into the '83. The gas line broke on the way home one day and toasted the engine bay, so I installed a motor I had started a while before. It runs good when it runs. Life goes on.

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