Saturday, September 5, 2009

What to prepare For?

With all the talk, shows, blogs, books and articles about preparedness you might wonder what do I need to prepare for ? Depending on where you live, work, travel you will have different things you'll prepare for. Pick you favorite or try to prepare for an overall situation., water, clothes, tools, first aid, emergency money, weather radio, generator, gas, water, tape, tools, information/communications, relocation plans, weapons, ammo, first aid, emergency money, generator, gas

Civil Unrest/ mob rule...weapons, ammo, food, water, information/communication, first aid

Pandemic... Food, water, first aid, natural healing items, vitamins, white suits, face masks, information

I think you get the idea. Decide what you need to prepare for and gear up for that thing. Gear is not a panacea. You have to add skill, knowledge and information to the gear to make it work right. Looking at the list above you see that many of the needs overlap. That's a good thing as it lets you get a head start on preparing for something else. That list is in no means complete but it gives a real good starting place.

Enjoy the long weekend!

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