Sunday, September 27, 2009

Food, TOSITPC and winter

Sunday Morning.........PANCAKES! Cherry Pie asked for my home made pancakes for breakfast this morning. MMMM good. Last night we took a couple to dinner at out favorite Mexican joint call El Sombrero. Had a great time. I had( and will have it Monday also) the burrito spread (3 different burritos covered in Mexican chili and longhorn cheese), CP had a mixed plate, He had 4 carnitas tacos and She had a burrito. This is truly the best Mexican food I have ever eaten and I've lived in Texas and been to Mexico.

I have said many times that The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair is not eligible to hold that office. Here is some more evidence that he is not eligible by way of state certification or more properly by way of LACK of state certification. The hits just keep rollin' in.

As busy as I have been this week I haven't done a thing to increase our family preparedness. What have you done? Hopefully more than I have. One thing I do need to do is work on that list of things we need to do before winter sets in. Stock more kerosene, lamp oil and wicks, repair the lamps and get an Aladdin style lamp. Insulate the utility room floor, and put in a door leading to the hallway to the stairs as the upstairs is basically unheated and we lose a lot of the warm air to that area. The Almanac and weather forecasters are calling for a cold winter so get prepared for that.

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