Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Troops On The Street? What about Posse Comitatus?

For the second time this week I've read about posse comitatus violations. The first was in Kingman Arizona and the second was in Kentucky. In both locations the troops were asked why they were there and all responded...helping the police. A undisclosed police officer claimed that the nation guard was on the street because the PD was short of funds and cutting back on officers. WTF? We can violate the Constitution by replacing cops with soldiers but we can't put the troops in the most dangerous place in the US, the southern border and put a halt to an invasion? In all cases the mayors, police chiefs and military commanders need to brought up on charges of violating the civil rights of the entire populace of the affected cities. More and more we are seeing train killers (soldiers) filling in for or assisting police. Totally unconstitutional! These acts are proof positive that the common man needs to take this country back and restore a Constitutional government. All mayors, police chiefs, city attorneys, prosecuting attorneys and judges need to attend a remedial class in Constitutional Law. 2010 is coming up. Replace everyone of the SOB's in the House and Senate. Every effin' one of 'em.

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