Thursday, September 3, 2009

FEMA and Fugate. A little quizz

Yesterday I commented on the .gov's new site called . This morning I found this article on the new FEMA Director, Craig Fugate. Fugate may be a breathe of fresh air in the stagnant environs of FEMA. He has come out and admitted that that agency has made mistakes and one of the biggest is probably not making clear the agencies position and mandate. He says that in an emergency the first responder should not be FEMA but, your next door neighbor. Fugate is traveling with HS Director Janet Napolitano to New Orleans to meet with that bunch of "Help me's". Hopefully he'll make the position clear that the chain of responsibility is the individual, then the community then the city followed by the county or parish and then the state and finally the USG. This Fugate has made his entire life a study of emergency preparedness. Starting as a fire fighter and paramedic then moving to offices of emergency management until climbing to the Director of Florida Emergency Management. And he has now been tapped to lead the struggling FEMA agency. Now get this, he's done it without the benefit of a college education. Crap! I can't get a lousy construction managers job anymore without a project management degree or a maintenance manager position without an engineering degree. Maybe this guy will also break the "sheepskin ceiling" as well as remodeling FEMA.

I spoke with my brother this afternoon and we're going to start putting together compact survival kits encased in ammo cans. I figure a price point of about 50 bucks for a can stocked with temporary shelter, fire supplies, water treatment tablets,possibly a water filter, ration bars, light source, fishing tackle, knife and other items will make a good kit to keep in the vehicle. I'll keep this project updated and as soon as we can get it together I'll post ordering info on this site.

I've got a fairly lazy day planned for Friday so maybe I can get the next post up before 9 or 10 pe em. Today's quiz...What's the difference between a lawn mower muffler and a suppressor?

Not using a muffler will get you a noise ordinance violation. Using the suppressor without government approval will get you 5-10 in Club Fed. How's that for f'd up?

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