Saturday, September 12, 2009

Article 10, baloney? So Says David Shuster, MSNBC

David Shuster, mouthpiece for MSNBC, says that the 10th amendment claims by the various states is "baloney". He then points out that Article 1, Section 8 comes before Article 1, Section 10. By the end of his tirade he coins the the new disparaging term "tenthers" as in "truthers" and "birthers" . Now the leftist regime has a new nasty gram to throw at constitutionalists that want a return to government run like the constitution points out. Here's a little item for David, Section 8 also requires the government to "coin" money and regulate "coin" and of foreign "coin". They have broken that portion of the 8th. Section 10 backs up section 8 by saying that the states shall accept none but gold and silver coin as tender. Back to the 8th, it also states that the government shall punish piracy on the high seas. We've pretty much ignored that one lately. Oh yeah, there was that ONE instance. In the same vein the government is to issue letters of marque and they don't do that. The same 8th also says that armies and the money for them shall not exceed 2 years. How do you get a 4 or 6 year enlistment in a 2 year army? If we look at other portions of the constitution and the bill of rights we see that the government is cherry picking the portions they want to use and bend to their will. If Shuster wants to claim the 8th takes precedence over the 10 then he should demand that the 8th be adhered to fully. Not used for specific paragraphs. Legally speaking, a contract broken on one side is broken on all sides. The USG violates the 2 amendment in a gross manner, ignored Article 4 section 4, they are working on violating the third amendment, as well as the modern version of the 4th amendment, violated a portion of the 5th amendment, violated a portion of the 6th amendment, violated the 8th amendment, discredited the 10th amendment and falsified information to get the 16th amendment installed. I would definitely call that broken. For an exercise, I intentionally left out any links to the constitutional reference so you would have to actually read The Constitution to get the info.

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