Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cookin' your stuff and usin' your tools.

We are having beautiful weather here in the Midwest. 50's and low 60's at night and never out of the 70 during the day. Even with the nice weather my side money is going to dry up as soon as the grass goes dormant. I guess I'll hope for a lot of snow this winter and put the garden tractor to work.
I have written many times about storing food for the future. One thing I keep forgetting to say is make sure you know how to cook what you store. At this time we store rice, beans, sugar, flour and spices. Tonight for supper I made redbeans and rice with cornbread and blackened chicken breasts. With the exception of the chicken everything I cooked is the same as what we store. And I do plan to start stocking freeze dried chicken and beef so that will take care of that issue.

If I'm going to do residential snow removal this winter, I need to find a blade for my old Cub Cadet mower. There's a place outside of town I need to visit with about this. Maybe they can help me figure out a way to mount a plow to this critter. With a blade, plow and a couple of other garden attachments then I'll be cooking with gas. This brings up another If the power goes out for an extended amount of time, how will you cope with everyday problems? Can you operate a hammer, shovel, handsaw or any other common hand tools and implements? For that matter can you repair or build things with those tools? Tools are like guns...they're no good without skills.

Well, the ersatz president had another stab at badmouthing American today. This time in front of the entire UN assembly. Way to go dude! Spew your crap all around the world on the great apology tour and then do it again for the entire assemblage of the worlds leaders. It makes me proud to have NOT supported this guy in any way, shape or form. Come on 2012!

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