Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well gosh darn it

I guess it really is a comedy act now. I'm referring to the Senate, now that Al Franken is movin' on up. So now the funny act is...the senate is locked up by the dimocrats. My mind is blank. All I can think is now Maobama can do any thing he wants to us. Anything. I'm done.

Monday, June 29, 2009

guns, coup, crooks, guns again and the promise

Why have gun sales gone up? This article presents an interesting view from a group not usually heard from...the cops. It seems that the cops have the same fears that a lot of regular folks do. Fear of government, fear of seizure, fear of anarchy. Yes the ones that are supposed to "serve and protect" are hoarding firearms, ammo and supplies like a bunch of crazed squirrels putting away nuts for the winter. Maybe those of you who haven't started this process should start now. Think of it as a fire extinguisher. No one questions you about the fire extinguisher in the garage, car, boat or kitchen. It just prudent precaution. Why should a supply of food and supplies be looked at any different?

There has been a coup in Honduras. The president decided he would re-write the constitution and the supreme court told him he couldn't, that the power to do so was in the hands of the peoples representatives. He ignored them. The Attorney general told him to cease his actions. He ignored that warning. The general of the army came to him and told him to cease or he would be arrested. He fired the general. The attorney general, acting on direction from the supreme court, had the army arrest the corrupt president and sent in to exile. The socialist leaders of the world are condemning these legal, constitutional actions. Chavez, Castro, Ortega, Hillary Clinton, and yes, Barrack Hussein Obama, the One Sitting in the Presidents Chair are all crying foul over these moves. I get the feeling they're all afraid that it could happen in their countries next.

On the lighter side that crook Madoff got 150 years and ten more of his ilk are getting the eye from the feds. Hardy har har.

I still haven't shot the new gun yet. All sorts of shooty goodness still awaits. Maybe this Sunday. I may even spring for a box or two of new ammo to avoid dipping into the reserve stocks. I do have the laser aligned with the iron sights now I just need to actually fire it to get the thing dialed in. The light/laser combo will ride it during the evening hours as the bedside companion to the 12 gauge 590. I will be paying close attention to the ammo prices and availability at the next couple of gun shows. I am still shocked at some of the prices I am seeing in catalogs such as Cheaper Than Dirt. 7.62x51 at a dollar a pop for fmj? F***M*W***A S****! (that's my sooper secrit cussology phrase whose meaning can only be determined by contacting me). A friggin' dollar a shot! I need to dust off the press and prepare to gag on the prices for reloading materials. I am still socking away the available 22 long rifle like it's going out of style. Good for shooting, good for trading. In really bad time it's as good as cash, mebbe.

What happened to that constitutional promise of a republican form of government? Read this for a good point of view.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


The House passed the so called global warming bill yesterday. Once again a major piece of legislation was passed without any one reading the damn thing! House minority leader Bohnert used his short time at the podium to read selected passages out loud. Of course the Dimocrats tried to cry foul over that but it was ruled to be legal, but these same Dims tacked on an additional 300 pages of crap to this bill overnight. The vote came out to be 212 v 219. That was tantalizingly close. The real bitch is that 8 Repu...RINO's crossed the aisle and voted for this cap and tax bill. The really good thing that happened was that 40 yes 40 Dems crossed the aisle to vote NO on the bill. Congratulations to them for voting with their mind. I say good because that shows how the Dems are divided on the Maobama program. If this monstrosity passes the Senate shall we all start billing the RINO's that vote or voted for it, the difference in our electric bills? Some say our electric rates may take a 25 to 50 percent rate hike due to this bill if it ever becomes law. In my area we are already looking at a 25 percent increase due to the construction of new power plants or the upgrading of existing power plants. So I could possibly see a 50 to 75 percent rate increase. Hey, does any one remember ol' Maobama say in if you make less than 250 thou you will not see your taxes go up? We are passing a bill that is so overloaded with junk pork that there is no way it will move without every one paying some extra taxes in one form of another. If you are represented by one of the 8 RINO's get in touch with the douche bag and voice your displeasure, on the same note, if you are represented by any of the 40 Democrats that voted against it call them and thank them for this action.

With all the name calling and finger pointing that has been directed towards Sarah Palin since the 2009 Presidential Campaign it was nice to read a decent article about her and her ethics. If she keeps up the public appearances and good work and develops a good base in foreign policy she could be a real contender in 2012. Now if she just had some community organizer skills. HA, HA! And a fake birth certificate. And a bunch of terrorist friends. And a bunch of friends that are walking the legal line. And stuttered and stammered when confronted with an unplanned question. And made an unethical real estate deal. You know where this is going don'tcha?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things are looking up?

WE are finally hearing from various pie holes in the government that the Economy is finally lookin' up. Where the F are they getting this info from? My sister-in-law works for Butler Transportation and says that in a normal week they bill out about 300,000 bucks. Lately they have had to scrape up 100,000 a week. The ports of Longbeach and LA in California saw a drop of 10 percent in 2008 and expect another 5-7 percent drop in 2009. The Newport News shipping facility is very nearly idle as the product they have in the warehouses are not selling. They are only expecting a few ships between now and October and this is putting many people out of work. Construction is down, housing starts in most places are non-existent and food and fuel prices keep rising. So I ask again, were is the gummit gettin' their info from. Crap! I forgot The Big O has a pet Unicorn that craps magic poop. Kinda like pixie dust but chunkier..

This makes me feel better. Oh, and this too.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's there when you need it

When you need a gun, you really need a gun. Don't leave home with out it. You never hear on the news about people successfully defending themselves and others with a firearm. As they say...sight unseen, blah, blah, blaaahhh. People use guns every day to fend off thieves, robbers, rapist, assaults and burglars. Finally a nice piece on this aspect of firearm ownership has been acknowledged. Read on and take pride in the courage and determination of gun owners across the country. Some day you may need to take the same action so practice and learn. There is a lot of good programing on the Outdoor Channel and one of my favorites is The Best Defense. Catch a few episodes on the DVR and practice what you see. It's not the same as personalised training but any thing you can gather as far as skills go, goes a long way. By the way those practice bullets can be in the form of the humble 22 rimfire. Just make sure to get plenty of practice with your main defensive arm so you can develop the muscle memory needed to make sudden accurate shots. 22's are still relatively inexpensive and won't break the bank to get a couple hundred rounds of practice in with. In regard to free video training there are a multitude of gunskill demonstration on You Tube featuring all the top shooters. As I say, when it comes to knowledge...get it where you can. Shoot on, folks!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is it the heat or the humididty?

Damn it's hot! Today in our area it was 96 degrees with a heat index of about 110. The dock area at the store I work at must have been 90 or more. Thankfully, I stand alone in a 38-40 degree cooler all day. Just me and the meat. We have had a sale on ribeye steaks for $5.99 a lb. I have been cutting like crazy. Tomorrow, the sale on boneless pork chops begins. Ha Ha, It's my day off. I did cut 3 pork loins this afternoon to get them started in the morning. I had no help today so I was doing the stocking of the case every hour, the cutting and packaging and answering any custom orders. One old lady came in and ordered 15 ribeyes. Yes, mam, I will take care of that right now. Just give me a few minutes and I'll have it done. Of course I had already started cutting pork so I had to change gloves, move to a clean table, open a new box of ribeye loins and get to cuttin'. Yaho0!

The Goddess speaks. Check it out.

I sure want to get the new gun out and do a little shootin' but I told my brother I would help him a little with the issue that has arisen. So maybe I can get the new one out next Sunday.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What to say?

It's been a long day with little to no contact with the rest of the human world so I haven't a thing to say. I got home to find I have a house guest who is here because 1, because I told him he could stay as long as needed and 2, a crazy, physco bitch has made it necessary for him to stay with us.
Needless to say, life is working in its weird little ways right now.

Let's see...the North Koreans are threatening to launch a missile toward Hawaii, our Navy is tracking a North Korean ship that may be carrying nuclear material or even rockets and Irans air force is practising maneuvers over the ocean. Now, Al Queda says if they can get their filthy little hands on Pakistan's nukes , we will be on the receiving end of them. When will the USG drag their nuts out of the safe, install them in the correct place and get on with the major ass kicking that 2/3 of the world is asking for. F*&# political correctness, the UN, The IMF and all the other worldwide do gooders. Give 36 hour notice to the jerk off of choice, the then lower the hammer and repeat as needed. We need to have our war material factories running day and night to stock on the good stuff a fight like this will need. The Chosen One seems to prefer to ignore any situation that has presented itself to date in his administration. Don't we have radar avoiding aircraft, supersonic bombers, radar evading cruise missiles, bunker busting bombs and all kinds of other crap to bust a nuke facility or even the power station that it needs?
That all I have to say on it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's Day

To all those fathers out there...Happy Fathers Day!


Another Fusion Center wrought with confusion. This one is in Virginia and following the lead set by Missouri and the Department of Homeland Security, they have issued a report on domestic terrorism. Their report, once again, confuses home schoolers, servicemen, 9-11 truthers, gun rights believers, anti government crusaders and others with Hamas and The Minutemen as well as other actual terrorists. The attachment includes the numbers to the main asshats in Virginia that let this pile pass.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

HR 2159 and other stuff

A passel of Obamites are planning on getting HR 2159 passed. This POS will deny second amendment rights over a million people. What's that? How, you ask? If your name is on the massive, incorrect, bloated, no fly list Holder and Raum want your gun rights denied. Add in the good folks mentioned in the DHS domestic terrorist report (any ex military veterans) you end up with over a million names. This bill leaves the selecting up to the Attorney General Holder, who thinks it is stupid to let people on the no fly list buy a gun. I think it's stupid to have infants and elderly, infirmed people on the no fly list. As well a few congressmen, business leaders, teachers, preachers, moms, dads...well you see where this going. Any hoo, please get in touch with your congresscritter and voice your displeasure with HR 2159 as it will undoubtably be applied to Constitution citizens no the fanatics that are trying to bring this country to its knees. Oh yeah, that's the folks in the white house. You know the kind I mean.

Following a thread that Breda started....
This just in, it has been reported that a large Caucasian male over 6 feet tall, with a full beard, resembling a biker, carried a gun to work today and after engaging several people in conversation nothing happened. Later the suspect was seen to be driving down a road with other vehicles and drivers near him and the gun did not go off. A short time later it was reported that the suspect ate in a steakhouse and had (gasp) ONE alcoholic beverage amid dozens of other diners and the concealed gun did not entice the suspect into doing anything dangerous or inflicting harm to others.

If you have a blog or want to continue this thread in the comments please CARRY on.

A short time back I was lambasting a couple of the FOX News hosts for their decidedly un-fair and un-balanced coverage of a couple of incidents. Here is an open letter to Shep by Robert Pappas, Colonel, USMC (retired).

From the same site comes this little nugget. Does the FBI Uniform Crime Report show that concealed carry supports the police? How can that be? Surely not! Quite certain!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The ennumeration is coming

With the 2010 Census coming a lot of people have a lot of questions about this process. Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachman (MN) says her family will only participate in the actual enumeration portion of the Census. Shelly Lowe of the Census Bureau say Bachman is reading the law wrong. Let's take a look at that statement. Nowhere in the Constitution is the the word "census" mentioned. Nowhere. Article 1 Section 2 Clause 3 calls for an actual enumeration of the people to establish congressional numbers and calls for this count to be done every 10 years. So in effect when Lowe says the law is being interpreted wrongly she is referring to an unconstitutional law. As we all know if a law is contrary to the Constitution it is no law. This article explains in more detail. Here is a statement that tells it like it is.

"The General rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.
"No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it"
(16 Am Jur 2d, Sec 177 late 2d, sec 256)

So really all you have to answer is how many people live at your address. And that is all I will answer.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well hush my mouth, 2 more IG's fired

The hits just keep rollin' in. Evidently there have been two more Inspectors General terminated due to opposition to the new administration. No reason given just fired. Take that you no good nosey inspectors. Try and look at our secrets will you? More Chicago thug tactics. So much for the Chosen Ones promise of transparency in government. This is becoming a pattern in this Ones admin. Disagree with me and don't let the door hit you in the ass. What a guy!

North Korea is spoiling to get their asses handed to them. To bad the innocent starving people of Korea have such corrupt and crazy leaders. There is information that NK is planning to launch a Tae Pong Do II missile in the direction of Hawaii on or around Independence day. The US is moving missile interceptors to the region. The Insane Clown running Korea is turning out to be many times worse than his father was. His father merely starved the people into servility. The son is going to get them annihilated. You never see pictures of ordinary North Koreans. All the pictures are of the military or set up shots like the children's program that was promoted a couple of years ago. Specially selected and trained kids put forth as typical examples. I have read that if you look across the DMZ with very,very high power binoculars you can see....NOTHING. No people, no crops, no modern anything. No sign of human habitation except military equipment and patrols. This is a government that really needs to go.
The US Navy as well as the NSA and NRO are tracking a NK ship that is nearing China. This ship is suspected of transporting nuclear materials and technology to other countries and lets just say, groups. Information suggests that this ship has done this many times in the past.

Click on the link to Survival Blog on the right. They have had several letters over the last couple of days expanding on a post I did inquiring as to what you can do. I repeat...skills will carry the day. Take any training you can...canning, sewing, welding, auto mechanics, locksmithing, carpentry, medical. Look at it as a new hobby.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What? Huh?

Wednesday is one of my days off. Day off? This morning I went to the Good Feet store to see if they can help me and my aching feet. They can, with the application of 650 dollars. I am doing it a little at a time. They make my feet feel so good. Then I went refrigerator shopping. Found a Kitchen Aide model in stainless and black on clearance at the Sears clearance center. Dragged it home, unloaded the old fridge and moved it out side then brought the new one in and found that I needed to install a different electrical outlet. Of course I didn't have one in my vast inventory so a trip to the hardware store was in order. Back home and changed the plug, put the new fridge in place and started loading it when Cherry Pie walked in an hour early. She finished that while I went and mowed the neighbors yard and then mine. Then a quick shower , dinner and off to the library and to the farm store for a new belt. As I said, what day off.

With all the activity today my brain feels dead. So I leave you with this. "An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed" Norton v Shelby County 118 US 425 p. 442

Oh and this too.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Random musings

The Govnah of Tennessee has allowed the Made in Tennessee Gun Bill to pass without his signature. Not for the reasons you may think. Mainly because he's an asshat. He thinks the new law is unconstitutional and pushed by a fringe element. He only let it pass so that, in his opinion, it will be struck down by the Supreme Court. Has he even looked at the Constitution or even listened to a whisper of how the last umpteen years governments and courts have decided to The Document?

We bought our refrigerator over 24 years ago. One service call in 24 years. The thing still makes cold air. But the thing is, the interior is falling apart. This means we are shopping for a new fridge. We bought the old one at the Monkey Wards scratch and dent section for about 320 dollars. The new ones we are looking at range from 790-1200 dollars. And some of those are at the clearance center. Want to bet they won't last 24 years?

I have wanted one of these for years but when you add the cost of the kit to the cost of two 10-22 rifles and a few high cap mags things get pricey real quick. They certainly are neato! I bet one of these would knock a dent in the 22 ammo inventory in a hurry!

This makes me wish I was a snake. Oh my!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


SCORE!! The early morning gunshow trip came out good. Midway through the hall I found the gun I've been looking for. A lightly used (50rounds) XD 45 Tactical with the black finish, all the XD gear, a spare recoil spring and guide rod, the original case and 6, yes, 6 stainless steel 13 round magazines. Total outlay? $540! Yahoo! I then found an NCStar taclight/laser module combo for 90 samolians. Now if I could find decent .45 ammo for a reasonable price I would be all set. I already have .45 ammo in stock that I bought for 11-12 bucks a box and can't force myself to fork over 35 bucks a box for Winchester white box ammo.

I was busy with the gunshow in the morning and then an early Fathers day get together at my Dads place. As a result I have not heard anything to get my blood boiling today. Maybe that's a good thing. We had a great time at the family get together. I had a good political discussion with my step mother and her sister with my wife and sister-in-law listening in. What a blast! Good time for all.

I leave you with this little nugget. "All laws that are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void" Marbury v Madison 1803

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obama, Obama....

If you appoint a person to do a job and they do that job well and fully, you would keep them employed right? Maybe give them a bonus or some incentive, right? If you are in the Obamantion Administration it doesn't work like that. When inspector General Gerald Walpin began in investigation into Americorp, The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair fired him. Who is the Chicago thug trying to protect now?

Yesterday we were so busy. After I got off work I took a shower to wash the meat smell off me. I tried not doing it but even smelling of fresh meat I still got no offers to........................................eat me. HA HA! Anyway. When Cherry Pie got home we beat feet for an appointment to sell a g.. to a private citizen. That was 35 miles away and then went to our favorite Italian restaurant in Kearney. Then to my brothers and finally back home around 10:30. Did a little reading and research and in bed by midnight.

If you made a big donation to the Obama campaign or to Hill or even Say It An't So Joe you can be an Ambassador. Some folks raised thousands of dollars and made the maximum allowable contribution the the campaigns for the aforementioned suspects and voila...they're ambassadors.

Here is a link to the second installment of the Justifying Deadly force series on MWSA.

Can you grow a garden? Would you be able pick up the skills to do so, if that was the only way to feed your family? If you have as little as a quarter of an acre of ground, 10,890 square feet, a plot of ground measuring 104 x 104 you can raise an amazing amount of food. Fruit , veggies, chickens, rabbits. Learn how before you need to. There's a thousand little tricks to raising a big garden.

Here is a really cool semi auto rifle that can fire up to 1200 rounds per minute and was available in .30, .45, .50, .58 calibers and a 1 inch bore was also available. This is what great, great grand child looks like. The grand baby is electrically driven and fires up to 4,000 rounds per minute when mounted in the A-10 Warthog airplane.

Gun Show, Gun Show! I'll be there early Sunday mornin'. Yeahhaaa!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Glen, Shep pinheads?

I have watched Fox News since , well since it came on our local cable network 10-12 years ago. I have always found them to be well, fair and balanced as advertised. Until now. Ex-drunk, current moron Glen Beck will be removed from my daily DVR recording list. Any of Shep Smiths appearances will elicit a change of the channel as will the appearance of Glen on any of the other Fox shows. Why? Glen Beck said of the wacked out, racist murderer Brunn, he is the hero of the 9-11 truthers. Hero of the 9-11 truthers? WTF? I know a LOT of people who have doubts of what really happened on 9-11 and they view Brunn with horror and disdain. There are thousands of architects, engineers and scientists that say airplanes did not bring down all those buildings in New York. A recent scientific study claims to have found high-tech nano particles of a thermite compound in metal debris from the towers. Are any of them supporting Brunns actions? I doubt it. Now we come to Shep. In his response to the same Brunn murder and speaking of the heinous murder of the soldier in Arkansas, he supported the DHS memo that singled out American servicemen as potential terrorists. What a fuck nut. Not in my house any longer. I will be contacting FOX Network to inform them of my decision, as if it will mean anything to them. Maybe if more people do the same someone in that ivory tower will listen.

Have you ever heard any talking head saying the AK 47 is powerful destructive weapon? I have. Here is a video that feature Neal Knox using different cartridges on the ubiquitous watermelon to give a graphic display of the different power levels of cartidges. Take a look at this.

The Goddess speaks. Listen up.

In case you haven't noticed these are two of my favorite things.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who's got the money

There's a contractor in Las Vegas who has been paying his 1099 employees in post 1985 gold and silver coins. Now the Feds are trying to send him to jail for LIFE. Charges were brought against 9 other people but for the most part they have been dropped. I will admit this contractor has been doing some shady stuff such as putting several houses in his girlfriends name to conceal his ownership of them. But the clincher is he has printouts from the IRS website where he has asked them how to value post 1985 coins. They could not answer his question. So he told his employees to value them at face value. So if you work for someone and they pay you with a couple of Gold Eagles don't claim your income as the face value of those genuine US coins because you will get in trouble as they will be valued as property not coins. Even though they are legal US money made in the US Mint.

This guy had a good idea...e-gold. Online global electronic gold. He later found out that it is not so easy to do. After the scammers, phishers, carders, crooks and finally the Feds got done with him he is under house arrest and looking at doing 36 months in the pen. The real bitch is that he found the problems with the system and started fixing it and found the names and addresses of some people wanted by the US and other governments. He turned in these names to the Postal Inspector who forwarded the info the the FBI and other agencies. Thanks for the help now hands up. They acted on the info he gave them and then raided him. The Federal Reserve said of the e-gold operation "we thought it was legal". He is getting the system legalized and will be back in operation.

Here's a novel idea. Since the US currency is basically worthless, a piece of paper backed by debt hence the term "note" used as a description for US currency, why not start a competing private money system. You know you would get in trouble if you tried to replace the official currency but who would bitch if an alternative was available? Ever heard of the Liberty Dollar? Well ol' Bernhard who started Liberty Dollar is going to jail. The bullion warehouses were raided and the operators were charged with counterfeiting. Now the Liberty rounds do not say anything about being legal tender and only bear a very slight resemblance to US money and the "paper" currency is beautiful. And the gold and silver rounds are 1 troy ounce. How many time do you see 1 ounce US coins in your local market? This was legal until the Feds decided it wasn't. Wow! Does that sound like a recurring theme?

Are the Feds afraid that people, when offered an alternative to worthless paper, will make a change to real money? The Constitution says one of the powers of the USG is to "coin Money" not print it, coin it. Currency might have been alright when we had a gold backed system but we don't even have that now. The Constitution also says that the States shall NOT "make anything but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts." So who's right here? Who is trampling on the people and free choice? If the government has reneged on it's agreement to coin money in gold and silver then don't the people have the right to use something that is recognised by the Constitution?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another day knocked off. I cut about 300 lbs. of meat today. Beef and pork. KC strips, rump roasts, bottom round steaks, pork steaks, boneless pork chops, butterfly pork chops, ground beef, ground chuck etc., etc. I did bring home some very nice boneless pork chops and butterfly chops. The owner cut me a hell of a deal on them too. That's one good thing about this new job. Another is that I am learning a new transportable skill. The best thing about today is that I have tomorrow off! YAYYYYYY!

I was going to work at my cash job in the morning (mowing yards) but it's raining. Raining hard. And has most of the day. So.......maybe I can heal up a little. To much life behind me. Football, fights, hard labor, accidents and, and , and...

I don't know why or what I would do with one but I have had a hard on for a double barreled rifle for years now. There was a rumor that, as part of their Spartan line, Remington was going to bring in a double 45/70. I told myself that I would have one as soon as they became available. That hasn't come to fruition...yet. I still have hope. But then I have had hope that Ruger would eventually bring out the XGI they promised back in the late 80's. Things like this and this make me drool. I don't care for the double 30-06's and the like. I want a traditional side by side double rifle. Preferably in a 40 something caliber. I think, no, I know that my wife would have some Sharp words of her own if I doled out the buck for one of these beauties. Oh, did I say beauties? Well then, look at this. Dayyyum. I think that would cause trouble too.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Goooooo Tennessee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tennessee Senate has passed a Made iN Tennessee bill that mimics those of idaho and Texas. The bill is on the Govnahs desk now.

Damn! I'm tired. I work 2 days on and then a day off and then 3 days on and a day off. That's not enough time off for this beat up old body to heal. If I had know what life was going to be like I wouldn't have played as hard. Hey! maybe that's what the kids are doing. Resting now for what may come later. Yeah, that's it.

There's a stranger on my land
And I've got a gun in my hand
It's a gman, a gman on my land
But I've got a shovel and a gun
That will get this thing done
That and a closed mouth will keep me free
They've got bullets and they've got rope
And they've got heart stoppin' dope
But they've got nothin'
They've go nuthin'
That can take away my hope

That just popped into my head as fast as I could type it. Weird, huh?

It's strange, the things you can do with charcoal. Look at the charcoal blue on this Colt .45. Absolutely beautiful.
Speaking of beautiful....Look here.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Election payback or Stimulus payoff?

It has been suggested that the closing of auto dealerships has been based along party support lines i.e. if you, as a dealer didn't support The Chosen One, then your dealership got selected for closure. The stimulus package is a big deal for states. Lots of dollars to create projects that create jobs, dollars to keep the unemployment funds going, dollars for this-n-that or what ever the polipigs what to spend it on.Well...it appears that if your state didn't support The Golden Child then it don't git no muney. Who woulda thunk? Out of 66 stimulus event hosted by high ranking Obamatons 52 have been in supporting states. The South, which pretty much said no thanks to this guy filling The Seat, isn't getting any stimulus attention. Some things never change do they?

With so many people out of work it's time to learn how to make ends meet in a different way. Check out this information on various how to's. Growing up in an agricultural area and having an extended family nearby we all learned to do whatever was needed to make life a little better. A lot of folks didn't have any kind life lessons that would provide for the family in the absence of an actual JOB. He has a lot of other common sense ideas to share also. Be sure to check out the section titled Survival 101.

Here comes the gun, here comes the gun. I have been to the Knob Creek machinegun shoot once. Once. One time. And I have been jonesing for a BAR or a Colt Monitor ever since. Hot Damn, what a gun! Full auto 30/06 from a shoulder fired weapon. Bonnie and Clyde were partial to these guns as well as the various police agency pursuing them. Here's a funny thing, you can buy BAR magazines cheaper than you can buy M1A magazines. It's a fucking travesty and treasonous that governmental regulations have drive the cost of full autos through the stratosphere. With development of new full auto technology nearly dead in this country we pretty much depend on Belgium to provide us with any new weaponry. If the US v Miller case should ever be revisited things will be very different in the gun world today. This case was based on lies and mis-information as well as being absent defendants. This case was a complete joke which has altered ALL gun related court cases as well as interpretation of the Second Amendment. The NFA act was a total bullshit wet dream. With all those Revenue agents out of business after the repeal of the Volstead act they had to do something so, with public outcry over the Valentine Day Massacre the gun culture was the next group to be targeted for persecution.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getcha a trailer, getcha a house!

When Katrina smacked int0 Louisiana and when FEMA finally decided to do something they sent down a whole fleet of trailers. Most people complained about trailer life saying it was degrading to them (I guess they haven't paid attention to all those grey hairs that retire to trailer life). Usually FEMA benefits continue for 18 months after the fact but for Katrina they extended the benefits to 45 months. Well the time is up and FEMA plans on selling those trailers to the po' folk for 1-5 dollars. How many will take the deal?
FEMA is planning for the future now. If a disaster hits Florida, FEMA plans to put folks in all those empty repossessed homes. Let's see... the reason Louisiana folks were in trailers was because the homes were destroyed, one way or another. Evidently the homes are made of stronger stuff in Florida as they won't be destroyed in a hurricane. As my niece would say...whatever!

My son called yesterday. He is in the Navy. For his 21st birthday we gave him a Glock model 36 in .45 acp. He ordered night sights and a lighter trigger bar. He did all the work himself as well as a light polish of the trigger components. A trip to the range and 200 rounds later showed perfect function and revealed a beautiful trigger action.

I'm working a funky shift so I don't get much time to research the news so posting may be a little funky.

Friday, June 5, 2009

What Happens

The Chosen One gave a big ol' speech to all those fellow Muslims in Cairo. One again it was a bag full of nothingness. He is getting closer and closer to admitting he is a Muslim. One thing did come out. He is using all three of his names over there. Barack Hussein Obama. All three. I only heard all three of my names when I was in trouble. Coincedence?

Man, this new job is a far cry from the facility maintenance and construction work I have done for the last 27 years. Not bad just very different. I can build a building or a huge water storage tank or maintain a collossal commercial development or manage groups of people and equipment and now, due to the mismanagement of our nations companies and government, I am mowing yards and working in a grocery store. There are jobs out there but they all require a Degree of one sort or other and I needed a job now not 4-5 years down the road. I am glad for the work though as so many people don't have any work.

Reports have come in that our old friends the Chinese are stockpiling gold and oil as well as putting us over a barrel by purchasing a gajillion dollars of our bad debt. What happens when those benevolent folks call the note due? Wars and conquest demand a lot of dollars and oil. Timmy G. was over there pleading for the Chinese to pretty please buy some more of our crap bonds. The Commies smiled, laughed and said "sure thing Tim". I know this country was in pretty sorry shape when the new administration took office but WTF are they doing to us now? Every day brings a new economic horror story. Did you all take that test I gave the other day and then compare that Communist manifesto to our current situation? Is that an accident or intentional planning?
Put yourself in a better position by paying off every thing you have debt on, socking away a pile of cash that you can can your hands on if needed, learn a few new skills via hobbies. If that is your bent, stockpile whatever you think you need to. Meet your neighbors, talk to the old timers in your town or neighborhood and take comfort in your family.

This is from Samuel Adams: "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Unicorn Poop AKA stimulus jobs

I have often wondered lately, with all the thousands of job closures, layoffs and shut downs, how the Chosen One can keep saying that thousands of jobs have been created by the stimulus money. Carl Rove has had the same thought and gives a good explanation of what the morons in DC are doing.

It seems that buying gold is not just for the right wing end of the world wackos now. Northwestern Mutual thinks it's such a good idea they are buying a buttload of it. 400 Million dollars of it.

"The abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare statists (government bureaucrats) to use the banking system as an unlimited expansion of credit. In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation... Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the "hidden" confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process." - Alan Greenspan

Think about that for a while. By the way, I shamelessly stole that from http://tslrf.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chi Town Shenanigans

The NRA brought suit against the city of Chicago when that cesspool of politics banned, by ordinance, the possession of handguns and automatic weapons. The suit has found its way to the 7th Circuit Court. That court has found in favor...wait...wait...for Chicago! The Court says that the Constitution gives the gun issue to the States and the States can do anything they want with the Second amendment. The Constitution only recognizes the God given right to be armed and that right cannot be taken away by man. There are states that are claiming their sovereignty in the area of the Second amendment but that is to get around that pesky interstate commerce clause, that the USG hangs their hat on, and create an intra-state situation. The issue of arms is not in the powers enumerated to the Government(see Article 1 section 8). To prevent an overly strong Federal Government the Constitution recognizes the need for citizen militias. That is why the Framers of the Constitution intended for the Second Amendment to be like all the other Amendments and be applied as INDIVIDUAL rights. If the court lets a city such as Chicago, ban the ownership of these arms, how is the militia supposed to bear arms? If this ban is held in force by the courts though, then precedence is set for the States Rights issues. Then the good and patient people of Illinois can exercise several of their other rights such as voting out the sons of bitches that put you in this situation or by packing up and moving to a state that trusts you with the only tools that will, in the end keep you truly FREE, guns. We all have the 3 boxes to right the wrongs committed by governments. The soap box, the ballot box, and finally the cartridge box. It is a shame that for the last few years the soap box and ballot box don't seem to be worth a tinkers damn.
To increase your knowledge of your rights and what the government can and cannot constitutionally do, get a copy of the Citizens Rule Book. It covers jury nullification, has several pages of quotes from historical persons, and has the entire Constitution in it. All this in a handy 2x4 inch pocket size book. While you're at it get the 10 pack. At 10 for 12 dollars you can hand them out. I gave them as gifts at my sister-in-laws citizenship party.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Todays Stuff

Training Day #2. OUCH. 5 stitches.

Our Great Leader, that specialist in Socialism, believes that Iran has the right to nukular power. That may be true, but does a nation that supports terrorism and regularly calls for the destruction of a nation and a people, deserve nuclear power from which nuclear weapons can be made? Is this guy for real or are we having a collective bad dream? He does stipulate that they must prove that it is for peaceful purposes. How? By promising not to do bad things with their nuclear power? I cross my heart and hope to die? I think that once this cats out of the bag it won't go back in.

How free is your state? I was surprised that Missouri ranked as high as it did. The last time this came out we were not very free at all in good ole MO. I don't know what has changed though.

After several months of thinking about it, the state of Missouri is putting together a committee to look into the MIAC report that tarnished Missouri's name as well as that of thousands, nay, millions of people. Finally.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Training Day 1

Well, I did a lot of back and forth this morning at the new job but after lunch things really picked up. This is a small town grocery store. This afternoon two of us cut up about 300-400 pounds of steaks, roasts, chops, tenderloins and then made cube steaks and tenderized the tenderloins. They also smoke brisket a this place, they did 7 today. It sure smelled good!

I am still having problems with this 60 percent governmental ownership of GM. I guess that means Government Motors now. Hmm, let's see... they ruined the social security system, the medicare system, trashed the Constitution and now we are to believe that they know what's best for a megalithic company? When they decided to get rid of a few companies why did they decide to keep both General Motors and Chevrolet? Are they still going to compete with themselves in the pickup truck market? How about just GM or Chevy? Carry one brand of pickup with several trim/option levels, two econo boxes based on the Saturn vehicles, a couple of entry level sedans, a mid level luxury sedan and let Cadillac provide the luxury cars and keep a stable of 2 different sport cars with, again, various trim/option levels. Add the Hummer to the pickup line and keep the Suburban and two door Yukon. I mean why a 4 door Yukon XL? It's only a few inches shorter than the Suburban. If people really want an electric vehicle, then build 'em but why build 'em if it is the government that wants them?


I went to the job interview on Sunday. Well... this morning I start as a meat cutter at a small grocery store 7 miles from home.
This is not even close to my background and experience but it is a JOB.

More later.