Sunday, June 7, 2009

Election payback or Stimulus payoff?

It has been suggested that the closing of auto dealerships has been based along party support lines i.e. if you, as a dealer didn't support The Chosen One, then your dealership got selected for closure. The stimulus package is a big deal for states. Lots of dollars to create projects that create jobs, dollars to keep the unemployment funds going, dollars for this-n-that or what ever the polipigs what to spend it appears that if your state didn't support The Golden Child then it don't git no muney. Who woulda thunk? Out of 66 stimulus event hosted by high ranking Obamatons 52 have been in supporting states. The South, which pretty much said no thanks to this guy filling The Seat, isn't getting any stimulus attention. Some things never change do they?

With so many people out of work it's time to learn how to make ends meet in a different way. Check out this information on various how to's. Growing up in an agricultural area and having an extended family nearby we all learned to do whatever was needed to make life a little better. A lot of folks didn't have any kind life lessons that would provide for the family in the absence of an actual JOB. He has a lot of other common sense ideas to share also. Be sure to check out the section titled Survival 101.

Here comes the gun, here comes the gun. I have been to the Knob Creek machinegun shoot once. Once. One time. And I have been jonesing for a BAR or a Colt Monitor ever since. Hot Damn, what a gun! Full auto 30/06 from a shoulder fired weapon. Bonnie and Clyde were partial to these guns as well as the various police agency pursuing them. Here's a funny thing, you can buy BAR magazines cheaper than you can buy M1A magazines. It's a fucking travesty and treasonous that governmental regulations have drive the cost of full autos through the stratosphere. With development of new full auto technology nearly dead in this country we pretty much depend on Belgium to provide us with any new weaponry. If the US v Miller case should ever be revisited things will be very different in the gun world today. This case was based on lies and mis-information as well as being absent defendants. This case was a complete joke which has altered ALL gun related court cases as well as interpretation of the Second Amendment. The NFA act was a total bullshit wet dream. With all those Revenue agents out of business after the repeal of the Volstead act they had to do something so, with public outcry over the Valentine Day Massacre the gun culture was the next group to be targeted for persecution.

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