Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well hush my mouth, 2 more IG's fired

The hits just keep rollin' in. Evidently there have been two more Inspectors General terminated due to opposition to the new administration. No reason given just fired. Take that you no good nosey inspectors. Try and look at our secrets will you? More Chicago thug tactics. So much for the Chosen Ones promise of transparency in government. This is becoming a pattern in this Ones admin. Disagree with me and don't let the door hit you in the ass. What a guy!

North Korea is spoiling to get their asses handed to them. To bad the innocent starving people of Korea have such corrupt and crazy leaders. There is information that NK is planning to launch a Tae Pong Do II missile in the direction of Hawaii on or around Independence day. The US is moving missile interceptors to the region. The Insane Clown running Korea is turning out to be many times worse than his father was. His father merely starved the people into servility. The son is going to get them annihilated. You never see pictures of ordinary North Koreans. All the pictures are of the military or set up shots like the children's program that was promoted a couple of years ago. Specially selected and trained kids put forth as typical examples. I have read that if you look across the DMZ with very,very high power binoculars you can see....NOTHING. No people, no crops, no modern anything. No sign of human habitation except military equipment and patrols. This is a government that really needs to go.
The US Navy as well as the NSA and NRO are tracking a NK ship that is nearing China. This ship is suspected of transporting nuclear materials and technology to other countries and lets just say, groups. Information suggests that this ship has done this many times in the past.

Click on the link to Survival Blog on the right. They have had several letters over the last couple of days expanding on a post I did inquiring as to what you can do. I repeat...skills will carry the day. Take any training you can...canning, sewing, welding, auto mechanics, locksmithing, carpentry, medical. Look at it as a new hobby.

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