Monday, June 22, 2009

What to say?

It's been a long day with little to no contact with the rest of the human world so I haven't a thing to say. I got home to find I have a house guest who is here because 1, because I told him he could stay as long as needed and 2, a crazy, physco bitch has made it necessary for him to stay with us.
Needless to say, life is working in its weird little ways right now.

Let's see...the North Koreans are threatening to launch a missile toward Hawaii, our Navy is tracking a North Korean ship that may be carrying nuclear material or even rockets and Irans air force is practising maneuvers over the ocean. Now, Al Queda says if they can get their filthy little hands on Pakistan's nukes , we will be on the receiving end of them. When will the USG drag their nuts out of the safe, install them in the correct place and get on with the major ass kicking that 2/3 of the world is asking for. F*&# political correctness, the UN, The IMF and all the other worldwide do gooders. Give 36 hour notice to the jerk off of choice, the then lower the hammer and repeat as needed. We need to have our war material factories running day and night to stock on the good stuff a fight like this will need. The Chosen One seems to prefer to ignore any situation that has presented itself to date in his administration. Don't we have radar avoiding aircraft, supersonic bombers, radar evading cruise missiles, bunker busting bombs and all kinds of other crap to bust a nuke facility or even the power station that it needs?
That all I have to say on it.

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