Saturday, June 27, 2009


The House passed the so called global warming bill yesterday. Once again a major piece of legislation was passed without any one reading the damn thing! House minority leader Bohnert used his short time at the podium to read selected passages out loud. Of course the Dimocrats tried to cry foul over that but it was ruled to be legal, but these same Dims tacked on an additional 300 pages of crap to this bill overnight. The vote came out to be 212 v 219. That was tantalizingly close. The real bitch is that 8 Repu...RINO's crossed the aisle and voted for this cap and tax bill. The really good thing that happened was that 40 yes 40 Dems crossed the aisle to vote NO on the bill. Congratulations to them for voting with their mind. I say good because that shows how the Dems are divided on the Maobama program. If this monstrosity passes the Senate shall we all start billing the RINO's that vote or voted for it, the difference in our electric bills? Some say our electric rates may take a 25 to 50 percent rate hike due to this bill if it ever becomes law. In my area we are already looking at a 25 percent increase due to the construction of new power plants or the upgrading of existing power plants. So I could possibly see a 50 to 75 percent rate increase. Hey, does any one remember ol' Maobama say in if you make less than 250 thou you will not see your taxes go up? We are passing a bill that is so overloaded with junk pork that there is no way it will move without every one paying some extra taxes in one form of another. If you are represented by one of the 8 RINO's get in touch with the douche bag and voice your displeasure, on the same note, if you are represented by any of the 40 Democrats that voted against it call them and thank them for this action.

With all the name calling and finger pointing that has been directed towards Sarah Palin since the 2009 Presidential Campaign it was nice to read a decent article about her and her ethics. If she keeps up the public appearances and good work and develops a good base in foreign policy she could be a real contender in 2012. Now if she just had some community organizer skills. HA, HA! And a fake birth certificate. And a bunch of terrorist friends. And a bunch of friends that are walking the legal line. And stuttered and stammered when confronted with an unplanned question. And made an unethical real estate deal. You know where this is going don'tcha?

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