Saturday, June 20, 2009

HR 2159 and other stuff

A passel of Obamites are planning on getting HR 2159 passed. This POS will deny second amendment rights over a million people. What's that? How, you ask? If your name is on the massive, incorrect, bloated, no fly list Holder and Raum want your gun rights denied. Add in the good folks mentioned in the DHS domestic terrorist report (any ex military veterans) you end up with over a million names. This bill leaves the selecting up to the Attorney General Holder, who thinks it is stupid to let people on the no fly list buy a gun. I think it's stupid to have infants and elderly, infirmed people on the no fly list. As well a few congressmen, business leaders, teachers, preachers, moms, dads...well you see where this going. Any hoo, please get in touch with your congresscritter and voice your displeasure with HR 2159 as it will undoubtably be applied to Constitution citizens no the fanatics that are trying to bring this country to its knees. Oh yeah, that's the folks in the white house. You know the kind I mean.

Following a thread that Breda started....
This just in, it has been reported that a large Caucasian male over 6 feet tall, with a full beard, resembling a biker, carried a gun to work today and after engaging several people in conversation nothing happened. Later the suspect was seen to be driving down a road with other vehicles and drivers near him and the gun did not go off. A short time later it was reported that the suspect ate in a steakhouse and had (gasp) ONE alcoholic beverage amid dozens of other diners and the concealed gun did not entice the suspect into doing anything dangerous or inflicting harm to others.

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A short time back I was lambasting a couple of the FOX News hosts for their decidedly un-fair and un-balanced coverage of a couple of incidents. Here is an open letter to Shep by Robert Pappas, Colonel, USMC (retired).

From the same site comes this little nugget. Does the FBI Uniform Crime Report show that concealed carry supports the police? How can that be? Surely not! Quite certain!!

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