Sunday, June 14, 2009


SCORE!! The early morning gunshow trip came out good. Midway through the hall I found the gun I've been looking for. A lightly used (50rounds) XD 45 Tactical with the black finish, all the XD gear, a spare recoil spring and guide rod, the original case and 6, yes, 6 stainless steel 13 round magazines. Total outlay? $540! Yahoo! I then found an NCStar taclight/laser module combo for 90 samolians. Now if I could find decent .45 ammo for a reasonable price I would be all set. I already have .45 ammo in stock that I bought for 11-12 bucks a box and can't force myself to fork over 35 bucks a box for Winchester white box ammo.

I was busy with the gunshow in the morning and then an early Fathers day get together at my Dads place. As a result I have not heard anything to get my blood boiling today. Maybe that's a good thing. We had a great time at the family get together. I had a good political discussion with my step mother and her sister with my wife and sister-in-law listening in. What a blast! Good time for all.

I leave you with this little nugget. "All laws that are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void" Marbury v Madison 1803

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