Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things are looking up?

WE are finally hearing from various pie holes in the government that the Economy is finally lookin' up. Where the F are they getting this info from? My sister-in-law works for Butler Transportation and says that in a normal week they bill out about 300,000 bucks. Lately they have had to scrape up 100,000 a week. The ports of Longbeach and LA in California saw a drop of 10 percent in 2008 and expect another 5-7 percent drop in 2009. The Newport News shipping facility is very nearly idle as the product they have in the warehouses are not selling. They are only expecting a few ships between now and October and this is putting many people out of work. Construction is down, housing starts in most places are non-existent and food and fuel prices keep rising. So I ask again, were is the gummit gettin' their info from. Crap! I forgot The Big O has a pet Unicorn that craps magic poop. Kinda like pixie dust but chunkier..

This makes me feel better. Oh, and this too.


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