Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's there when you need it

When you need a gun, you really need a gun. Don't leave home with out it. You never hear on the news about people successfully defending themselves and others with a firearm. As they say...sight unseen, blah, blah, blaaahhh. People use guns every day to fend off thieves, robbers, rapist, assaults and burglars. Finally a nice piece on this aspect of firearm ownership has been acknowledged. Read on and take pride in the courage and determination of gun owners across the country. Some day you may need to take the same action so practice and learn. There is a lot of good programing on the Outdoor Channel and one of my favorites is The Best Defense. Catch a few episodes on the DVR and practice what you see. It's not the same as personalised training but any thing you can gather as far as skills go, goes a long way. By the way those practice bullets can be in the form of the humble 22 rimfire. Just make sure to get plenty of practice with your main defensive arm so you can develop the muscle memory needed to make sudden accurate shots. 22's are still relatively inexpensive and won't break the bank to get a couple hundred rounds of practice in with. In regard to free video training there are a multitude of gunskill demonstration on You Tube featuring all the top shooters. As I say, when it comes to knowledge...get it where you can. Shoot on, folks!

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