Monday, June 1, 2009

Training Day 1

Well, I did a lot of back and forth this morning at the new job but after lunch things really picked up. This is a small town grocery store. This afternoon two of us cut up about 300-400 pounds of steaks, roasts, chops, tenderloins and then made cube steaks and tenderized the tenderloins. They also smoke brisket a this place, they did 7 today. It sure smelled good!

I am still having problems with this 60 percent governmental ownership of GM. I guess that means Government Motors now. Hmm, let's see... they ruined the social security system, the medicare system, trashed the Constitution and now we are to believe that they know what's best for a megalithic company? When they decided to get rid of a few companies why did they decide to keep both General Motors and Chevrolet? Are they still going to compete with themselves in the pickup truck market? How about just GM or Chevy? Carry one brand of pickup with several trim/option levels, two econo boxes based on the Saturn vehicles, a couple of entry level sedans, a mid level luxury sedan and let Cadillac provide the luxury cars and keep a stable of 2 different sport cars with, again, various trim/option levels. Add the Hummer to the pickup line and keep the Suburban and two door Yukon. I mean why a 4 door Yukon XL? It's only a few inches shorter than the Suburban. If people really want an electric vehicle, then build 'em but why build 'em if it is the government that wants them?

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