Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chi Town Shenanigans

The NRA brought suit against the city of Chicago when that cesspool of politics banned, by ordinance, the possession of handguns and automatic weapons. The suit has found its way to the 7th Circuit Court. That court has found in favor...wait...wait...for Chicago! The Court says that the Constitution gives the gun issue to the States and the States can do anything they want with the Second amendment. The Constitution only recognizes the God given right to be armed and that right cannot be taken away by man. There are states that are claiming their sovereignty in the area of the Second amendment but that is to get around that pesky interstate commerce clause, that the USG hangs their hat on, and create an intra-state situation. The issue of arms is not in the powers enumerated to the Government(see Article 1 section 8). To prevent an overly strong Federal Government the Constitution recognizes the need for citizen militias. That is why the Framers of the Constitution intended for the Second Amendment to be like all the other Amendments and be applied as INDIVIDUAL rights. If the court lets a city such as Chicago, ban the ownership of these arms, how is the militia supposed to bear arms? If this ban is held in force by the courts though, then precedence is set for the States Rights issues. Then the good and patient people of Illinois can exercise several of their other rights such as voting out the sons of bitches that put you in this situation or by packing up and moving to a state that trusts you with the only tools that will, in the end keep you truly FREE, guns. We all have the 3 boxes to right the wrongs committed by governments. The soap box, the ballot box, and finally the cartridge box. It is a shame that for the last few years the soap box and ballot box don't seem to be worth a tinkers damn.
To increase your knowledge of your rights and what the government can and cannot constitutionally do, get a copy of the Citizens Rule Book. It covers jury nullification, has several pages of quotes from historical persons, and has the entire Constitution in it. All this in a handy 2x4 inch pocket size book. While you're at it get the 10 pack. At 10 for 12 dollars you can hand them out. I gave them as gifts at my sister-in-laws citizenship party.

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