Monday, June 29, 2009

guns, coup, crooks, guns again and the promise

Why have gun sales gone up? This article presents an interesting view from a group not usually heard from...the cops. It seems that the cops have the same fears that a lot of regular folks do. Fear of government, fear of seizure, fear of anarchy. Yes the ones that are supposed to "serve and protect" are hoarding firearms, ammo and supplies like a bunch of crazed squirrels putting away nuts for the winter. Maybe those of you who haven't started this process should start now. Think of it as a fire extinguisher. No one questions you about the fire extinguisher in the garage, car, boat or kitchen. It just prudent precaution. Why should a supply of food and supplies be looked at any different?

There has been a coup in Honduras. The president decided he would re-write the constitution and the supreme court told him he couldn't, that the power to do so was in the hands of the peoples representatives. He ignored them. The Attorney general told him to cease his actions. He ignored that warning. The general of the army came to him and told him to cease or he would be arrested. He fired the general. The attorney general, acting on direction from the supreme court, had the army arrest the corrupt president and sent in to exile. The socialist leaders of the world are condemning these legal, constitutional actions. Chavez, Castro, Ortega, Hillary Clinton, and yes, Barrack Hussein Obama, the One Sitting in the Presidents Chair are all crying foul over these moves. I get the feeling they're all afraid that it could happen in their countries next.

On the lighter side that crook Madoff got 150 years and ten more of his ilk are getting the eye from the feds. Hardy har har.

I still haven't shot the new gun yet. All sorts of shooty goodness still awaits. Maybe this Sunday. I may even spring for a box or two of new ammo to avoid dipping into the reserve stocks. I do have the laser aligned with the iron sights now I just need to actually fire it to get the thing dialed in. The light/laser combo will ride it during the evening hours as the bedside companion to the 12 gauge 590. I will be paying close attention to the ammo prices and availability at the next couple of gun shows. I am still shocked at some of the prices I am seeing in catalogs such as Cheaper Than Dirt. 7.62x51 at a dollar a pop for fmj? F***M*W***A S****! (that's my sooper secrit cussology phrase whose meaning can only be determined by contacting me). A friggin' dollar a shot! I need to dust off the press and prepare to gag on the prices for reloading materials. I am still socking away the available 22 long rifle like it's going out of style. Good for shooting, good for trading. In really bad time it's as good as cash, mebbe.

What happened to that constitutional promise of a republican form of government? Read this for a good point of view.

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