Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obama, Obama....

If you appoint a person to do a job and they do that job well and fully, you would keep them employed right? Maybe give them a bonus or some incentive, right? If you are in the Obamantion Administration it doesn't work like that. When inspector General Gerald Walpin began in investigation into Americorp, The One Sitting In The Presidents Chair fired him. Who is the Chicago thug trying to protect now?

Yesterday we were so busy. After I got off work I took a shower to wash the meat smell off me. I tried not doing it but even smelling of fresh meat I still got no offers me. HA HA! Anyway. When Cherry Pie got home we beat feet for an appointment to sell a g.. to a private citizen. That was 35 miles away and then went to our favorite Italian restaurant in Kearney. Then to my brothers and finally back home around 10:30. Did a little reading and research and in bed by midnight.

If you made a big donation to the Obama campaign or to Hill or even Say It An't So Joe you can be an Ambassador. Some folks raised thousands of dollars and made the maximum allowable contribution the the campaigns for the aforementioned suspects and voila...they're ambassadors.

Here is a link to the second installment of the Justifying Deadly force series on MWSA.

Can you grow a garden? Would you be able pick up the skills to do so, if that was the only way to feed your family? If you have as little as a quarter of an acre of ground, 10,890 square feet, a plot of ground measuring 104 x 104 you can raise an amazing amount of food. Fruit , veggies, chickens, rabbits. Learn how before you need to. There's a thousand little tricks to raising a big garden.

Here is a really cool semi auto rifle that can fire up to 1200 rounds per minute and was available in .30, .45, .50, .58 calibers and a 1 inch bore was also available. This is what great, great grand child looks like. The grand baby is electrically driven and fires up to 4,000 rounds per minute when mounted in the A-10 Warthog airplane.

Gun Show, Gun Show! I'll be there early Sunday mornin'. Yeahhaaa!

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