Thursday, June 11, 2009

Glen, Shep pinheads?

I have watched Fox News since , well since it came on our local cable network 10-12 years ago. I have always found them to be well, fair and balanced as advertised. Until now. Ex-drunk, current moron Glen Beck will be removed from my daily DVR recording list. Any of Shep Smiths appearances will elicit a change of the channel as will the appearance of Glen on any of the other Fox shows. Why? Glen Beck said of the wacked out, racist murderer Brunn, he is the hero of the 9-11 truthers. Hero of the 9-11 truthers? WTF? I know a LOT of people who have doubts of what really happened on 9-11 and they view Brunn with horror and disdain. There are thousands of architects, engineers and scientists that say airplanes did not bring down all those buildings in New York. A recent scientific study claims to have found high-tech nano particles of a thermite compound in metal debris from the towers. Are any of them supporting Brunns actions? I doubt it. Now we come to Shep. In his response to the same Brunn murder and speaking of the heinous murder of the soldier in Arkansas, he supported the DHS memo that singled out American servicemen as potential terrorists. What a fuck nut. Not in my house any longer. I will be contacting FOX Network to inform them of my decision, as if it will mean anything to them. Maybe if more people do the same someone in that ivory tower will listen.

Have you ever heard any talking head saying the AK 47 is powerful destructive weapon? I have. Here is a video that feature Neal Knox using different cartridges on the ubiquitous watermelon to give a graphic display of the different power levels of cartidges. Take a look at this.

The Goddess speaks. Listen up.

In case you haven't noticed these are two of my favorite things.

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