Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another day knocked off. I cut about 300 lbs. of meat today. Beef and pork. KC strips, rump roasts, bottom round steaks, pork steaks, boneless pork chops, butterfly pork chops, ground beef, ground chuck etc., etc. I did bring home some very nice boneless pork chops and butterfly chops. The owner cut me a hell of a deal on them too. That's one good thing about this new job. Another is that I am learning a new transportable skill. The best thing about today is that I have tomorrow off! YAYYYYYY!

I was going to work at my cash job in the morning (mowing yards) but it's raining. Raining hard. And has most of the day. So.......maybe I can heal up a little. To much life behind me. Football, fights, hard labor, accidents and, and , and...

I don't know why or what I would do with one but I have had a hard on for a double barreled rifle for years now. There was a rumor that, as part of their Spartan line, Remington was going to bring in a double 45/70. I told myself that I would have one as soon as they became available. That hasn't come to fruition...yet. I still have hope. But then I have had hope that Ruger would eventually bring out the XGI they promised back in the late 80's. Things like this and this make me drool. I don't care for the double 30-06's and the like. I want a traditional side by side double rifle. Preferably in a 40 something caliber. I think, no, I know that my wife would have some Sharp words of her own if I doled out the buck for one of these beauties. Oh, did I say beauties? Well then, look at this. Dayyyum. I think that would cause trouble too.


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