Monday, June 15, 2009

Random musings

The Govnah of Tennessee has allowed the Made in Tennessee Gun Bill to pass without his signature. Not for the reasons you may think. Mainly because he's an asshat. He thinks the new law is unconstitutional and pushed by a fringe element. He only let it pass so that, in his opinion, it will be struck down by the Supreme Court. Has he even looked at the Constitution or even listened to a whisper of how the last umpteen years governments and courts have decided to The Document?

We bought our refrigerator over 24 years ago. One service call in 24 years. The thing still makes cold air. But the thing is, the interior is falling apart. This means we are shopping for a new fridge. We bought the old one at the Monkey Wards scratch and dent section for about 320 dollars. The new ones we are looking at range from 790-1200 dollars. And some of those are at the clearance center. Want to bet they won't last 24 years?

I have wanted one of these for years but when you add the cost of the kit to the cost of two 10-22 rifles and a few high cap mags things get pricey real quick. They certainly are neato! I bet one of these would knock a dent in the 22 ammo inventory in a hurry!

This makes me wish I was a snake. Oh my!

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